(Bungou Stray Dogs) Dazai Osamu - Goodbye

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LunariaAbyss requested this one shot I hope you like it! This one has lots of swearing and angst in it. It also takes place in a AU where Dazai is in the Port Mafia and you work in the Port Mafia. Sorry it's short!


You heard loud huffs coming from a dark alley way. Your curiosity got the better of you and you went in the alley way and peaked in. You saw none other than the devious Dazai Osamu.

He was smoking a cigarette and he huffed in and out as the smoke faded through the air. You really didn't like when he smoked but then again he was a bad man who cared about nothing.

You made your way through the darkness and started to walk up to him. He didn't seem to notice you at first at least that's what you thought.

"I know you're there, (Y/N). What do you want?" Said Dazai with a sharp tone.

"Oh nothing I just heard sounds coming from here and I came to see where it was coming from. I didn't know you were here." You said.

"You shouldn't of come here, you're a target and you know that. This could've been a trap to drag you in. You're in the Port Mafia and we are targets to a lot of people." Said Dazai as he puffed out more smoke from his lungs.

"You're right, sorry Dazai." You said.

This was actually the perfect opportunity, you wanted to talk to Dazai. You wanted to tell him you're leaving the Port Mafia. You truly hated working there. He's the only one you wanted to tell.

"Well now that I've got you here I have something I want to tell you." You said, feeling nervous about what his reaction might be.

"Okay, what is it?" Said Dazai as he threw his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it.

"I'm leaving the Port Mafia. I hate this hell hole, I'm sorry Dazai." You said.

"Fine you were useless to us anyways." Said Dazai, his voice was cold as ice.

What.......? You thought he would freak out at you for leaving.......

"I thought you would be angry at me if I left." You said.

Your heart hurt, you didn't think he would be that cold to you.

"Fine I'm glad I'm leaving, I hate you Dazai. Rot in hell, bastard." You snapped at the man.

"Just leave already." Was all he said back to you.

"Bye forever bastard." You snapped as you turned out of the alley way and ran out.

Tears filled your eyes and you continued to run out. Maybe finally you'd get peace from the Port Mafia and that bastard, Dazai. Your tears slipped down your cheeks. It was now over, the pain of being in the Port Mafia.

Dazai watched you leave. When you left he started to leave the alley way. He stared at the street with cars moving through them.

"I'm glad you left, it's better for you not to be in the Port Mafia. This way you'll lead a better life. I'm sorry it had to be this way. I'll miss you (Y/N)." Dazai mumbled quietly to himself as he continued to walk.

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