(Bungou Stray Dogs) Ryunosuke Akutagawa - Open Minded

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Hello people, this one shot is fluffy and just really fun!

This one shot was requested by Alphawolf_RU I hope you like it! Sorry it's so short!


The Port Mafia was drinking and having a party that Chuuya suggested they have. His boss agreed to it and now they were all having fun. Except for Akutagawa that is.

You were sitting right beside Akutagawa at a huge table that all the members of the Port Mafia were at while enjoying the party. Akutagawa sighed, he looked miserable and extremely bored. You and him weren't drunk like the others were.

"Akutagawa! You look so miserable, why don't you have a drink?" Said Chuuya with a drunken slur.

"No Chuuya, I don't want any." Barked Akutagawa at the annoying tangerine haired man.

"Aww why not? Please! You'll have fun!" Said Chuuya.

"Just lay off will you. He said he doesn't want any." You snapped at Chuuya.

"You both are so boring! And is (Y/N) your security guard or something? She is aways on your side with everything." Said Chuuya as he giggled.

"She is not my security guard!" Said Akutagawa, obviously getting really angry now.

"I don't believe you. Now have a drink, Akutagawa or I won't leave you alone." Said Chuuya with his face flushed, it was probably because all the drinking he did.

"Tch! Fine! Anything to make you leave me alone!" Said Akutagawa slamming his fist onto the table.

"That a boy, Akutagawa. That's more like it!" Cheered Chuuya as he placed a glass in front of Akutagawa and poured the alcoholic drink into the glass.

You sighed, you couldn't believe that Akutagawa actually fell for Chuuya's trick. But you've never seen Akutagawa drunk before and you were curious how it would turn out.

Akutagawa gave Chuuya a death glare and took a sip of the alcoholic beverage. Chuuya giggled and watched him drink it like a werido. Akutagawa was definitely displeased with Chuuya. He didn't want to drink but Chuuya would not leave him alone if he declined.

After about a few more glasses of alcohol you could tell Akutagawa was definitely out of it. He was drunk and he didn't act like his usual self. You could also tell that Chuuya enjoyed Akutagawa's drunk self.

"You know I hate D-Dazai, f-for p-putting me through hell w-when he was in the Port Mafia!" Mumbled Akutagawa with a drunken slur.

"I-I know! I hate him too! He insulted me so many times!" Stuttered Chuuya.

This was surprising to see Akutagawa so drunk, it was actually quite funny. You actually enjoyed seeing the weird drunk side of him.

"You know what else? I-I really l-like (Y/N) she's really cute! She's g-got a great body!" Said Akutagawa as he hiccuped.

Your face flushed it felt so hot. You couldn't believe he said that!

"Umm Akutagawa....... You know I'm sitting right beside you, right?" You said with your face burning from embarrassment. The whole Port Mafia was just laughing at his random outburst.

"Oh! You're right (Y/N)! I just confessed when you're right here!" Said Akutagawa.

You sighed, you wondered if Akutagawa would actually remember what he said when he wasn't drunk anymore.

"Ha ha! I knew it!" Slurred Chuuya while laughing like an idiot.


About two hours later when the party was finally over everyone left for home because it was very late. You and Akutagawa were the only ones still there. Akutagawa fell asleep with his head on the table because he was so drunk and you were so tired you fell asleep beside him.

Finally when another three hours passed by of sleeping you woke up to see Akutagawa still sleeping beside you with his head on the table. You decided to wake him up slowly. You shook him lightly until you saw his eyes open.

"Akutagawa? Are you alright now? You were really drunk. Do you remember anything that you said?" You asked the black haired man.

"No not really........ Ugh, my head hurts so bad. But what exactly did I say?" Said Akutagawa, bearly able to lift his head from the table.

"Well you confessed that you liked me and the whole Port Mafia were laughing at you." You said as you blushed.

Akutagawa felt his face heat up,"I said what?!"

"Sorry but that's what happened." You said.

"Never speak of this again." Said Akutagawa with his face beet red.

"How cute........." You mumbled to yourself quietly.

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