(Bungou Stray Dogs) Chuuya Nakahara - Hotel Hotness

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Hey guys! This one shot takes place in a AU where there's nothing supernatural about it.

Prepare yourselves! This one is very cute and EXTREMELY fluffy. Also here's a huge warning: IT CONTAINS CHUUYA'S HOTNESS. So watch them nosebleeds, 'kay?


"Let's go (Y/N)! You're so slow! We're all waiting for you!" Shouted Dazai to you as you were getting ready in your room.

"Okay jeez Dazai! I'll be out there in a minute!" You said back.

You were getting ready for a road trip with your friends Chuuya, Dazai, and Atsushi. They had already gotten ready at their places then agreed to meet at your house. When you were done you would leave with them.

"Okay I'm done! Let's head out!" You cheered with two suit cases in both of your hands.

"I'm driving!" Chuuya added.

"Okay, that's fine Chuuya. Just don't be reckless while driving, you get road rage really easy." Joked Dazai.

"Hey!" Barked Chuuya.

"See? Road rage." Said Dazai.

"But I'm not driving right now!" Said Chuuya.

"Yeah but, it's still rage. Rage coming from a tiny person." Said Dazai laughing his ass off.

"Hey you bastard! Don't call me tiny!" Said Chuuya.

"That's enough, Chuuya. Why don't you help (Y/N) with her bags? She has her hands full." Dazai simply added in.

"Tch! Fine." Said Chuuya as he took one of your bags from your hand.

"Thank you, Chuuya." You said to the tangerine coloured haired man.

"Can we just go now?" Said Atsushi.

"Of course! We shouldn't be just sitting here! Let's go!" Cheered Dazai as he started to head for the door.

"Wait, Dazai!" You called out to him as you followed him. Chuuya and Atsushi just followed along behind you.

After all that nonsense you all left your house and headed out. You were happy you got to leave and have a good time with your friends.

You were currently in the car with all of them as Chuuya drove. There was about another 2 hours until you all arrived at your destination.

"Everyone! I should probably tell you guys something. It'll probably be late by the time we get there, so we will check into a hotel. I'll pay for all of it. But the thing is that we all can't be in the same room together. So Chuuya and (Y/N) are going to have to share a room. It would've been fine if there was two beds in the room but I did some research on the closest hotel we will be going to and each room only has one bed per room." Said Dazai.

Chuuya's face turned red,"s-so w-what're you saying, Dazai?! (Y/N) is going to have to share a bed with me?!"

"Yes, that's the only choice we have. Either way she'll be sharing a bed with one of us, and were all guys except her. You would be the perfect choice, because I'm a gentleman who doesn't share a bed with a woman straight away. And Atsushi would be nervous about it." Said Dazai.

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