(Devil Survivor 2) Yamato Hotsuin - Tall Glass Of Water

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NIKKI_1889 requested this one shot! I really hope you enjoy it! It's an AU where you are Hibiki's sister and you and Yamato are in high school students! It contains a lot of fluff!




Those were only a few words to describe Yamato Hotsuin. But you had many more words in mind to describe him.

You had a huge crush on the tall male, but your brother Hibiki didn't approve when you told him about it. He told you that Yamato was a no good guy who had no friends and was a cold hearted asshole. Hibiki just didn't want you to get your heart broken by Yamato. But that didn't stop you. You were indomitable, no one could stop you. Not even Hibiki.

When you always had the chance you'd talk to Yamato. Even though you didn't know him all that well you still tried. You worked on some projects with him before. So you started to get to know him a little. He was in two of your classes, so it was pretty easy to talk to him every so often. But you'd still fumbled on your words trying to talk to the handsome sliver haired male.

Even though Yamato was a loner, girls still liked him. You sometimes heard them chatting about him in your class. They often talked about how handsome he is and how beautiful his violet eyes are. Of course you thought the same things they did. You obviously had some competition against those girls. But you'd let nothing get in your way of getting Yamato to be yours.

You were currently sitting in your third period class. It was one of your classes that Yamato was one of your classmates. Class was almost over and your fourth period class would soon come to a start, it was gym class. You counted every second and waited for class to end. You were planning to talk to Yamato when class ended. You thought it was a perfect opportunity to talk to him even though he was in your fourth period class too.

Finally the bell rang, you sqealed mently to yourself. This was going to be great! All the students got up to leave and so did you. Just as Yamato walked out the door you suddenly stopped him by calling out his name.

"Y-Yamato!" You called him, he suddenly turned around and stopped walking.

"Hmm yes?" He replied.

"S-so h-how are you, Yamato?" You said with a smile, feeling a bit nervous to talk to him.

"Fine I guess." He said calmly as you both started to walk together.

"Oh that's good that you're fine!" You blurted out.

He raised a brow,"what about you, (Y/N)? How are you?"

"Oh I'm good! Oh and Yamato, do you want to come with me to my locker to get my gym clothes for next period?" You asked.

"Okay, I will. But I have to get my gym clothes as well from my locker." He said.

"I'll come with you!" You said happily.
He just nodded, then you both went to get your things from your locker then his.

Finally you both arrived at the gym. People looked at you both and whispered to each other. They were probably talking about how Yamato was with you because he was never with anyone. They probably thought you were his girlfriend, you blushed at the thought of it.

"I'm going to change now, (Y/N)." Said Yamato then left and went into the boys change room.

People passed by you and giggled. You were probably going to get teased by people that he was your boyfriend even though he wasn't, sadly. You sighed and then went into the girls change room to put on your gym clothes. After about five minutes later you came out of the change room with your gym clothes on, Yamato came out about a minute later.

Finally all the students got into the gym. The teacher all told them they were being going to play volleyball that class. When they set up all the things for the game, they started playing five minutes later.

Yamato looked pretty displeased of playing that game, he was happy doing math work instead of playing volleyball.

In the middle of the game the ball came in your direction and you hit it. It then went in Yamato's direction it just hit the floor beside him. He didn't bother to hit the ball. The people on Yamato's groaned in disappointment.

"What's up with you, Hotsuin? Why didn't you hit the ball? You didn't even try to hit it!" One person on his team shouted. "You could at least get the ball for us!"

Yamato sighed,"fine! If it will shut you up!"

He angrily grumbled to himself and went to get the ball. When he bent down to get the ball, the most embarrassing thing happened. There was a rip sound heard throughout the gym, Yamato's shorts ripped! Suddenly the class burst out into laughter. But you didn't laugh, you just stood there with your hand over your mouth in shock.

His face turned beat red, he quickly grabbed your hand and dragged you out with him. He suddenly pulled you in the empty boys change room and shut the door behind the both of you.

"(Y/N), I'm sorry I suddenly dragged you out of there but I need your help. Do you have any extra shorts I could use? I don't want to be embarrassed again." He said in a panic.

"Well umm, I have a sweater you can tie around your waist so no one can see anything. But I don't have any extra shorts I can give you." You said.

"That will have to do thank you, (Y/N)." Said Yamato.

"No problem, Yamato." You said with a sweet smile.

He blushed at your cute smile and turned his head so you couldn't see it. But you still managed to see it. Even though you saw him in his most embarrassing moment you still thought he was a handsome tall glass of water. You were happy you got more closer to Yamato. You were starting to get what you wanted.

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