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(Blue Exorcist) Rin Okumura - Nightmare

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This one contains angst, fluff, and violence. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one!


You had a dream, a horrible dream.

A nightmare.

The dream was about your dear friend, Rin Okumura. You were an exwire just like him. Ever since you first started cram school you and him became friends. You and the others found out out that he was the son of Satan when he unleashed his powers to protect everyone against Amimon.

You guested that's what caused the nightmare. You weren't afraid of him at least that's what you thought until you had that nightmare.

It was horrible, you dreamt he was chasing you through the woods with his blue flames surrounding him. Spit was seeping out of both corners of his mouth. His teeth and nails were razor sharp. His hands and mouth were covered in blood, it looked like he killed someone. It seemed you were next, that's why he was chasing you.

It felt so real. You screamed, it echoed through the woods. He growled while chasing you, he was losing control of his powers! He was going to kill you! The dream soon ended when he caught up to you and sunk his teeth into your side. You feel to the ground, then the nightmare was over.

You suddenly stood up fast. You were in your bed. You breathed in and out, feeling like you were running out of breath. Your cheeks felt wet, you touched your cheek and noticed you were crying in your sleep. The nightmare scared you that much?

You picked up your phone and looked at the time. It was getting close to the time to go to cram school. You thought you might as well get up and get ready for school. You got up out of your bed.

You didn't know how you were going to handle today. You knew Rin was going to be there. Since that dream you were not sure if you could look at him the same.

But you decided to face the music. You couldn't just stay in your room and never face it. But it was going to be hard.

Fifteen minutes later you had finished getting ready for school with your uniform on. You grabbed your backpack and left the house. You walked to cram school, lucky it wasn't that far from your house.

When you got to cram school your friend Shiemi greeted you. Rin wasn't there so far. You weren't surprised, he was usually late for school.

Finally when he made it there he waved to you,"hi (Y/N)! What's up?"

Chills went down your spine, you remembered that nightmare. Those hunting images came flooding in your mind. You took a quick glance at him and all you could see was a beast that would kill you. You didn't answer him.

"(Y/N)? What's wrong? Why aren't you answering me?" Said Rin, he looked disappointed because you didn't answer him.

Again no words came out of your mouth. You just shivered from hearing his voice.

"(Y/N)! Please answer me! Don't tell me you're scared of me just like everyone else! I thought you were different! Just because I'm Satan's son you think I'm a beast, don't you?! I never asked for this!" Said Rin with his voice booming through the classroom.

"Rin! Sit down! Class is going to start now!" Shouted Yukio at his brother who just came in the class with his suitcase.

Tears filled your eyes, his loud and beastly like voice scared the life out of you. Tears came down your cheeks and you suddenly got up out of your chair and made a break for it out of the classroom.

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