The girl in the Black Order by Zeno-neechan
The girl in the Black Orderby Zeno-neechan
"Mana......MANA!!!" I screamed as I ran over to him. I had tears of pure happieness falling from my eyes down at the blackness. "HOW DARE YOU ALLEN !!!&qu...
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Anime One Shots (Various Anime X Reader) by eveninglove45
Anime One Shots (Various Anime X R...by 태민
XantheRowd made the cover! Various anime X female reader Hey there, I will be writing anime one shots! The anime I will be writing one shots for are: - Bungou Stray Do...
  • bungoustraydogs
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Your Time's Up by hcandy11
Your Time's Upby Yullen_stories
I do not own D gray man of the characters Young Allen Walker was just told his body was a host for the enemy. The Earls beloved 14th. On top of that the man who took ca...
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Yuu Kanda x reader: Resistance by PurplePilotToast
Yuu Kanda x reader: Resistanceby A smol toasty Tato
Always ignoring you, it's hard to love a cold hard samurai who doesn't care. But you're determined to make it work despite the defenses and resistance Yuu puts up. (the...
  • innocence
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D. Gray-man one shots by PurplePilotToast
D. Gray-man one shotsby A smol toasty Tato
Here's a lovely collection of one shots for hungry DGM readers! (Ha that was a joke for parasitic type innocence that was gold)
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Unforgettable Accident (Allen Walker x Yuu Kanda) by code_breaker_00
Unforgettable Accident (Allen Walk...by code_breaker_00
An accident happened that turned Kanda into something that he never imaged he would become. What's worse is that it's also related to Allen Walker! Read on and journey...
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  • yaoi
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Let It Die [Yullen] by Itscaelum_
Let It Die [Yullen]by — Sleepy —
(DGMYaoi/Yullen) Al termino de la guerra contra el Conde del Milenio y los Noah, Allen es condenado a vagar eternamente por la Tierra mientras que la existencia viejos c...
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D.Gray-Man X Reader by shadowexorsist
D.Gray-Man X Readerby Shadow
Request any character and scenario. I'll write it as soon as possible. I do not own D.Gray-Man or the Reader. There will be some OCs.
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♡The new exorcist♡ Kanda X Reader by blackveilheart
♡The new exorcist♡ Kanda X Readerby Mira ( ^ω^ )
your young exorcist who was saved by your master after that day you ran to the legendary exsorcist head quarters 'the black order'
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D-Gray Man One Shots by RatedRRebel88
D-Gray Man One Shotsby King Kylie
My sister and I thought it would be fun to do some of these. So these one shots are for us or other characters in DGM! Were making Oneshots based on random words we find...
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Anime Manga Pairing News by RunaHikari
Anime Manga Pairing Newsby RunaHikari
Warning! MxM pairing. Reading this might cause nosebleed, only affecting fujoshi and fudanshi (if there is any) Disclaimer : hoshino katsura, yuusei matsui Not a crossov...
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Córka Jednego z Nich [D.Gray-man] by LaurieJanuary
Córka Jednego z Nich [D.Gray-man]by LaurieJanuary
Vivian trafia do Czarnego Zakonu, organizacji zwalczającej akumy. Nieufna i skryta stara się trzymać z boku, nie zawiązywać z nikim więzi, co nie jest takie proste. Do t...
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《D.Gray Man》Kanda Yū x Reader by CrimsonChibi
《D.Gray Man》Kanda Yū x Readerby Kei
In this fanfic there will be lots of character development. This fanfic will contain some interesting aspects and twists. I apologize if there are any mistakes. I'll do...
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  • action
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To Be An Exorcist (Edited) by LiveForNowAndForever
To Be An Exorcist (Edited)by Live
The edited version of To Be An Exorcist. This summary will likely be changed after a complete redone edition of my novel.
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Tends to be short by background-gay
Tends to be shortby A background gay
D.Gray-Man/Yullen angst. My first time writing angst! It's a Drabble I guess, it's super super short. Like I wrote it in less than three minutes. I don't know what kind...
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Kanda book by PurplePilotToast
Kanda bookby A smol toasty Tato
Yes, this is my book filled with guess what- Art I did of Kanda. Enjoy hehe.
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  • art
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Beansprout flowers ~ yullen oneshot by KitKate8
Beansprout flowers ~ yullen oneshotby KitKate8
Kanda finds an interesting flower while out on a mission with Allen. The flowers stem looks like a beansprout. Interested by the plant he is reminded of the younger whit...
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