D. Gray-man one shots by PurplePilotToast
D. Gray-man one shotsby A smol toasty Tato
Here's a lovely collection of one shots for hungry DGM readers! (Ha that was a joke for parasitic type innocence that was gold)
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Your Time's Up by hcandy11
Your Time's Upby White_Lotus
I do not own D gray man of the characters Young Allen Walker was just told his body was a host for the enemy. The Earls beloved 14th. On top of that the man who took ca...
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Yuu Kanda x reader: Resistance by PurplePilotToast
Yuu Kanda x reader: Resistanceby A smol toasty Tato
Always ignoring you, it's hard to love a cold hard samurai who doesn't care. But you're determined to make it work despite the defenses and resistance Yuu puts up. (the...
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How can I keep walking? by lavitheloser
How can I keep walking?by Cayla
A highschool AU of D. Gray Man in which Allen Walker is abused and tries to hide it from his more than suspecting friends. *!A LOT OF TRIGGERS!*
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  • abuse
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Let It Die [Yullen] by Itscaelum_
Let It Die [Yullen]by — Sleepy —
(DGMYaoi/Yullen) Al termino de la guerra contra el Conde del Milenio y los Noah, Allen es condenado a vagar eternamente por la Tierra mientras que la existencia viejos c...
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Scattered Lotus (Kanda Yu_x_Reader)  by Blood_Pain_Death
Scattered Lotus (Kanda Yu_x_Reader...by Natsuki
A girl which is you (the reader) falls in love with that cold man who has a Lotus and that is our Kanda Yu. The girl also has a Lotus identical to his. So read whether...
  • yuukanda
  • lavibookman
  • dgmhallow
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Unforgettable Accident (Allen Walker x Yuu Kanda) by code_breaker_00
Unforgettable Accident (Allen Walk...by code_breaker_00
An accident happened that turned Kanda into something that he never imaged he would become. What's worse is that it's also related to Allen Walker! Read on and journey...
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  • yullen
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The girl in the Black Order by Zeno-neechan
The girl in the Black Orderby Zeno-neechan
"Mana......MANA!!!" I screamed as I ran over to him. I had tears of pure happieness falling from my eyes down at the blackness. "HOW DARE YOU ALLEN !!!&qu...
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《D.Gray Man》Kanda Yū x Reader by CrimsonChibi
《D.Gray Man》Kanda Yū x Readerby Kei
In this fanfic there will be lots of character development. This fanfic will contain some interesting aspects and twists. I apologize if there are any mistakes. I'll do...
  • kandayuu
  • action
  • comedy
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The Rose and Lotus by Shu_Sakamaki_San
The Rose and Lotusby Shu_Sakamaki_San
Kanda x Subaru Diabolik lovers x d.gray man mashup I do not own anything! Just making the story.......but please put yourself in her shoes, you are his child.. And plea...
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  • samurai
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The Word Is... D-Gray Man One~Shots by valieriarappatoni
The Word Is... D-Gray Man One~Shotsby Valieria
There really isn't much to say about this except that it is a little project that my sister came up with. We are both writing one-shots based on a single word that one o...
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  • love-shots
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Anime One Shots (Various Anime X Reader) by eveninglove45
Anime One Shots (Various Anime X R...by 수지
XantheRowd made the cover! Various anime X female reader Hey there, I will be writing anime one shots! The anime I will be writing one shots for are: - Bungou Stray Do...
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