(Bungou Stray Dogs) Chuuya Nakahara - Stupidity

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This one shot was requested by SakatsuraYumi I hope you like this one shot! This one shot is just cute and full of fluff. It also contains some swearing. Sorry it's so short!


You were a simple person who worked with the Port Mafia. You really didn't have a big role to play but you stayed because of Chuuya. Yes, Chuuya the small man who wore a fancy hat. He was your boyfriend and you didn't want to leave the one man you truly cared for.

It was close to midnight, you and Chuuya decided to go out to a bar to drink. You didn't do stuff like that with Chuuya that often, so it made you happy that you finally got to have fun with him.

Chuuya was currently sipping wine from a wine glass. He drank the wine gracefully like a woman would do, it was getting strange. You stared at him, which made him turn around and glance back at you.

"What is it (Y/N)? You keep looking at me." Said Chuuya.

"It's just that you look like a woman when you drink that." You said as you pointed at the wine glass.

"Huh?!" He suddenly spat out.

"Oh Chuuya it's just a joke get over it." You said.

"Hey!" He barked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Hey Bar tender! Can I get a beer over here?" You hollered to the bar tender.

"Sure thing sweet heart." Said the bar tender as he placed a finger on your lips and winked at you. Then he gave you what you asked for.

"Hey! Paws off my girlfriend, you bastard!" Barked Chuuya as he planted his fist across the bar tender's face.

After that it turned out to be a full out battle between the two men. You just mentally face palmed as you watched it happen.

After when it was finally over you carried Chuuya home to his apartment. He was drunk out of his mind. He was out cold, from all the drinking he did. You still couldn't believe what he did. The man had bruises and scratches everywhere on his body.

When you finally made it there you unlocked the front door with Chuuya's key you took out of his pocket. You closed the door behind yourself. Then you slowly placed him on the couch as gently as possible.

About two hours later he finally got up. You were sitting next to him the entire time. He wabled back and forth, he still seemed tipsy.

"Are you alright, Chuuya?" You asked.

"You're pretty (Y/N). Wanna take a bath together?~~" Said Chuuya like a dope as his head landed on your lap.

Yep, he was still drunk. Everything that came out of his mouth was pure gibberish, you sighed.

"Ooooo how about we destroy stuff?" He said like an idiot.

"No, Chuuya just stay here." You ordered.

He smirked with his tongue sticking out, "can I squeeze your boobies?"

"No, Chuuya cut it out." You said.

"BOOBIES!" He shouted and grabbed your chest.

"Chuuya!" You shouted and pushed his hands away. "That's enough, why don't you just stay with me and we can sleep together here?"

"Fine." He grumbled.

He sat up, you got up, you turned off the lights and sat back down. Chuuya cuddled up to you again. You planted a kiss on his forehead. You closed your eyes. A few minutes after you closed your eyes you got interrupted by Chuuya.

"Ha ha boobies!" He snickered.

"STOP IT CHUUYA!" You shouted in a somewhat playful tone.

You had to admit, he was pretty damn funny when he was drunk.

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