(Bungou Stray Dogs) Dazai Osamu - Lost My Pieces

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This one shot contains angst, violence, and it is dramatic. Also it takes place in a modern AU, so Dazai isn't apart of the Armed Detective Agency. There is nothing supernatural about this one shot. I added the music to make it more spicy! Plus it fits really well with the story. Play the music if you wish. Sorry if Dazai is out of character. And the reader is dying, sorry.

All aboard the feels train!


It was dark outside and the cold wind blew down on the earth. It was so dark and cold, it was a night you would never forget.

You and Dazai met in college and fell in love with each other over time. After you knew Dazai better you two started to date. Ever since then Dazai cared about you deeply and you cared for him deeply as well. But what happened that night shattered Dazai's heart in a million pieces.

Dazai was walking down the street, heading to your place to visit you. You told Dazai he could come over at anytime he wants, so he decided to see you now. Just as he was to walk down your street he got a call on his phone.

He answered it,"hello?"

"Hello, is this Dazai Osamu?" The person said on the other line.

"Yes, is everything alright?" Said Dazai.

"A girl got checked in the hospital and requested you come. Her name is (F/L) can you come? She would like you to come." The person said.

"What?! Is she alright?!" Said Dazai with worry in his voice.

"She was in a car crash, and she keeps waking up on and off. She is in pretty bad shape." The person replied.

"Yes I'll come!" Said Dazai.

After, Dazai got all the information he needed from the person like where the hospital was and your room number. The hospital wasn't far from your house so Dazai sprinted there. When he arrived he sat beside you, you were laying in the bed with your eyes closed.

You looked almost lifeless and Dazai was terrified what might happen to you. The beeping on the monitor was fine and it looked like you were fine for now.

Your loved ones already visited you and now it was just Dazai with you. He grabbed your hand that was motionless. He looked at your features on your face. Dazai's body shook with anxiety, he was frightened, so frightened. All these emotions build inside of him sadness, fear, and guilt. He wished he could've stopped you from getting in that car.

Dazai couldn't help the emotions that he was feeling, it hurt so much. It felt as if there was a weight on his chest. Slowly these emotions flowed down his cheeks. They were the tears of sadness, fear, and regret.

You slowly opened your eyes and felt something warm touch your hand. It was Dazai's hand holding on to your cold hand. You looked over to see Dazai crying.

"D-Dazai?" You managed to get out.

"(Y/N)! Are you alright?!" Said Dazai as he sobbed.

"Sort of, not really. I-I feel really weak and I can hardly breathe. I don't think I'll be able to make it. I feel weak so weak......" You said as your own tears started to fall from your eyes.

"Don't be silly, (Y/N)! You'll be alright, I know you will!" Said Dazai as he gave a sad smile trying to hold back his endless tears.

"Dazai...... D-don't cry." You coughed then you slowly put your hand on his tear stained face.

"Y-you'll, you'll be alright......" Dazai managed to say in between sobs.

"I-I love you, Dazai." You said as you kissed his cheek and then slowly put your head back on the pillow.

"I love you too, (Y/N)." Said Dazai as he kissed you with a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Dazai? I see something bright I feel.......cold." You said then you closed your eyes.

"Please don't talk like that! Open your eyes! You can't leave me, or your family! Please stay, I-I love you!" Said Dazai, now unable to control the tears from falling.

"I-I'm sorry Dazai, I love yo-" You said but stopped talking. Then the beeping on the monitor came to a sudden halt.

You were gone.

Dazai gripped your cold lifeless hand, his tears fell on the blanket and on the back of his hand which was clutching your hand.

That's when Dazai snapped.

He screamed in sorrow,"(Y/N)! No, don't go! Someone please help! Help please!"

The nurses heard Dazai's panicking and rushed in the room.

"Osamu sir? It's alright, please calm down! We will try and help her!" One nurse said trying to calm Dazai down.

The other nurse got the doctor and the doctor tried to help you to wake up again. But it was too late you were long gone.

"I'm sorry Osamu but she's gone. There's nothing more we can do." The doctor said.

"That's not true! I'm staying here!" Snapped Dazai.

"Sorry sir but you can't." One of the nurses said. He could tell her heart broke when she said that.

The nurse grabbed his arm and tried to pull him out of the room but he was hesitant. He tried to pull forward and tried to get the nurse to let him go. He just yelled and cried that he wanted to stay by your side.

He managed to get away from the nurse's grip then he ran over to you and hugged your lifeless body and cried. The nurse grabbed his arm and finally got him out of the room.

After Dazai went to see his friend Chuuya at his house. He didn't want to be alone after what he experienced. Chuuya let him in, Dazai told him what happened. Chuuya was there for his friend and let him cry on his shoulder.

Dazai just couldn't believe you were gone...........

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