only his • mafia!dazai x reader by XNiaProductionsX
only his • mafia!dazai x readerby ṉ̴͍̫̺̹͇͓͙̻̤̠͑̈̂̈͝ï̴͚̉̈͂̿̃̓̚...
🔞[ o n l y h i s ]🔞 ❝His and only his. His everything, his love, his life❞ A few short stories. →contains sexual content →also contains triggering content →read at yo...
  • mafia
  • dazai
  • lemon
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Project X (Bungou Stray Dogs X Reader) by An-Artificial-Girl
Project X (Bungou Stray Dogs X Rea...by Meiko
At a young age, my parents were killed by the Port Mafia and I were captured, taken to their labs. You see, Mori-san wanted to see if he could give people abilities. Mak...
  • chuya
  • mafia
  • osamu
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Hassliebe; mafia!Dazai Osamu  by SuicidalManiac02
Hassliebe; mafia!Dazai Osamu by Nat✨
Hassliebe (noun) - a feeling swaying between love and hate. Warning: nsfw, strong language, triggering content, angst
  • bungoustraydogs
  • bsd
  • osamu
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Hunted in Cold Blood ♕ e. ranpo  by HarukaTomoe
Hunted in Cold Blood ♕ e. ranpo by loml
Three bodies, two detectives, one killer. [fem!reader insert]
  • edogawaranpo
  • bsd
  • ranpo
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Dazai Osamu One Shots  by noragamihan
Dazai Osamu One Shots by noragamihan
"A good book is always good, no matter how many times you've read it." -A few short stories I wrote almost a year ago. I won't be writing anymore, but I hope y...
  • bsd
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Alone or Together? (A Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic) by KuroXNeko14
Alone or Together? (A Bungou Stray...by KuroXNeko 14
Tsukiyomi Akira, an independent female who looks out for herself and others around her. She was gifted with super natural powers since young. However, when she was a...
  • dogs
  • osamu
  • anime
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Faded Love: Nakahara Chūya X Reader by -asheki
Faded Love: Nakahara Chūya X Readerby 《Ashley》
CHUUYA X READER Trigger Warning: May contain sensitive topics. The city of Yokohama; protected by the Armed Detective Agency by day and the infamous Port Mafia by night...
  • portmafia
  • bungostraydogs
  • armeddetectiveagency
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Frozen Eye (Dazai Osamu x OC) by orangee_peel
Frozen Eye (Dazai Osamu x OC)by orangee_peel
Being friends with Dazai Osamu is no easy task for an ordinary person. Meeting at the age of 10 in Port Mafia, Dazai and Kirino have vowed to never leave each other behi...
  • armeddetectiveagency
  • portmafia
  • fanfiction
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「Anime x Reader One Shots」 by Words-Of-Fate
「Anime x Reader One Shots」by Fate
A collection of reader-insert one shots from the following fandoms: Assassination Classroom | Attack on Titan | Black Butler | Blue Exorcist | Bungou Stray Dogs | Dangan...
  • bungoustraydogs
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • attackontitan
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The Lone Warrior [BSD Fanfic] by RoyFanfics
The Lone Warrior [BSD Fanfic]by Roy’s Fanfics
People know the rumors of the Armed Detective Agency, especially their reputation of having Supernatural powers. Miyamoto Hideyoshi knows of them, recently moving to Yok...
  • supernatural
  • bungoustraydogs
  • yaoi
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Let Me In [Akutagawa x Reader] by ushijimawaru
Let Me In [Akutagawa x Reader]by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You find out that Akutagawa turns out to be a big softy when you two admit your feelings to each other and become more than just partners. there's angst first so prepare...
  • akutagawa
  • akutagawaryunosuke
  • akutagawaxreader
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Bungou Stray Dogs by Lahquor
Bungou Stray Dogsby Liquor
This is a series of OneShots that are requested by you guys~ (We have lemons) ;)
  • fanfic
  • oneshotcollection
  • bungoustraydogs
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Cure To My Tainted Sorrow (Chuuya X Reader) by Bakamono_dearu
Cure To My Tainted Sorrow (Chuuya...by BKM
Chuuya Nakahara didn't wish for this but it happened. He's going to babysit an amnesiac girl. Just what is the Port Mafia leader thinking? Highest Rank #1 in chuuya ...
  • portmafia
  • chuuya
  • bungou
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ideate ; bungou stray dogs by konmare_
ideate ; bungou stray dogsby sen—
Completed - Bungou Stray Dogs oneshot collection.
  • stray
  • manga
  • bungoustraydogs
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❀Bungou Stray Dogs Oneshots ❀ by Crabysnail
❀Bungou Stray Dogs Oneshots ❀by ♔Abi♔
// A collection of Bungou Stray Dogs oneshots; x readers_ || All requests closed ---------------------- • All one-shots are written by me, but I do not own any art...
  • ryunosuke
  • atsushi
  • xreader
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Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots | Various! x Reader [✓] by tsukkki-
Anime & Final Fantasy One-Shots |...by ✎ jessica
[anime various x reader] ❝ what mankind can imagine is what mankind can make into a reality ❞ // completed + unedited • 2016 // ~ these one-shots are old and really suck...
  • osamudazai
  • finalfantasy
  • animexreader
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Anime Guys x Reader ~ Oneshots by akwablu
Anime Guys x Reader ~ Oneshotsby Ella-desu
Just another Anime fan trying to make my Anime babies feel loved ~! I write when I'm bored, down, or trying to avoid homework, and that's a lot. Honestly I would be hap...
  • animeguys
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2017
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That Special Someone~ (Dazai x Reader) by arialcaramore123
That Special Someone~ (Dazai x Rea...by Rin
A young girl is caught up in the middle of a fiasco, and soon ends up having to fear for her own life. Scared, and running from hit men, she is pulled into protection by...
  • dazaixfemreader
  • femreader
  • mature
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⋄◊ Soukoku Textposts ◊⋄ by whitekitty890
⋄◊ Soukoku Textposts ◊⋄by |•Kurage no Uta•|
⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄ Textposts from Tumblr because Soukoku is OTPPPPPP ⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄
  • kunikidadoppo
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Is this happiness ?  by Soukoku_lover
Is this happiness ? by apoetssalvation
Soukoku high School au full of fluff because these two deserve to be happy too. Characters may be ooc especially Dazai, but a soft Dazai for once isn't that bad ...
  • bsd
  • chuuya
  • lightangst
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