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Truth of the Unknown by ChomeChan
Truth of the Unknownby Chome Chan
"You can't fall in love with me." "Why not?" "It's wrong. You and I. Being together. It won't end well." The whitette before him laughed d...
  • vampires
  • lenalee
  • dgrayman
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Vagabond 流浪者 (AnE x DGM Fanfic) by -ARiSx
Vagabond 流浪者 (AnE x DGM Fanfic)by 『 。』
「 Without a place of belonging. 」 Wandering as a vagabond for more than a century after the passing of the Black Order, Exorcist General Allen Walker now studies in the...
  • ane
  • mephisto
  • rinokumura
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Not the fourteenth by gracelions
Not the fourteenthby gracelions
D-Gray Man - What if Cross never sent Allen to Headquarters, but kept him instead? When the Noah attack the Generals a team is sent after the invasive man they hadn't se...
  • d-grayman
  • froitiedoll
  • kandayuu
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Dorks in Love  by ChomeChan
Dorks in Love by Chome Chan
Allen Walker is your typical high school dork. Kanda Yuu is your typical high school anti-social dork. What happens when Kanda starts failing a class, and turns to the...
  • mariancross
  • allenwalker
  • lavibookman
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Zero Noah (D gray man) by nurulsyaki
Zero Noah (D gray man)by Nurul Syakira binti mohd hass...
Zero Noah is Noah of creation.he the one who create innocent,heart and Noah family.he the one who create Hevlaska form and the one with many abilities.he know everything...
  • allenwalker
  • dgrayman
  • noah
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F A D E Dby Ace
he could simply f a d e away and no one would notice. } ☆ Neah knelt in front the sad boy and gently, carefully, gave him a small pat on the head. "You looked after...
  • anime
  • yetanotherdgmstory
  • hopefullyanoriginalidea
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New teacher [BEEN DISCONTINUED] by Ermmys
New teacher [BEEN DISCONTINUED]by yeet me away
Tsuna gets a new english teacher,and he's a foreigner,he's a very strange and mysterious and the vongola familigia seems to want to know more about the 'strange teacher'...
  • allenwalker
  • reborn
  • tsunayoshisawada
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D.Gray-Man and Black Butler Crossover by YoungandChildish
D.Gray-Man and Black Butler JackFrost
Neah and Allen love eachother and can break apart into different bodies but don't always do it, Neah is very protective so is Undertaker. Allen is sick and tired of ever...
  • exorcist
  • betrayal
  • allenwalker
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Kabaneri and Exorcists ¦Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress/DGM¦ by KA-336
Kabaneri and Exorcists ¦Kabaneri KollektTing
Allen only thought about getting away from the Black Order, from his friends, if only to protect them while he figured out how to defeat the Memory of the Fourteenth. He...
  • kabane
  • exorcist
  • innocence
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Our History (Kanda x Oc) *Proximamente* by KatherineSantaCruz
Our History (Kanda x Oc) * Katherine Santa Cruz
~A pesar de todo lo que he vivido, tu aun vives en mis recuerdos. Me atormenta el hecho que no pude despedirme, desearia volver a verte, aunque sea solo un segundo y dec...
  • yuukanda
  • kanda
  • blackorder
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D.Gray-Man Drabbles by VarelaDCampbell
D.Gray-Man Drabblesby VarelaDCampbell
El titulo lo dice todo, aquí subiré drabbles random de diferentes personajes y ships de nuestro querido anime y manga favorito. Los capítulos tendrán sus respectivas de...
  • kandayuu
  • drama
  • comedia
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The Earl's Daughter "Rewritten" by Lunason1231
The Earl's Daughter "Rewritten"by Luna
This is a remake of the original. my phone is being stupid and has completely gotten rid of the original story on my account, but my boyfriend said that he can see and r...
  • lavibookman
  • yukanda
  • ocs
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Your Time's Up by hcandy11
Your Time's Upby White_Lotus
I do not own D gray man of the characters Young Allen Walker was just told his body was a host for the enemy. The Earls beloved 14th. On top of that the man who took ca...
  • yullen
  • kandaxallen
  • allenxkanda
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D.gray-man Allen's Sister by kataradragon
D.gray-man Allen's Sisterby kataradragon
What if Allen had one year younger sister name, Serafina Walker. Who have a very special Innocence that nobody has ever seen before. But what if ' The Earl of Millenium...
  • lavibookman
  • allenwalker
  • anime
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A Life Of Mischief by Silverwolf2711
A Life Of Mischiefby Astra Winters
"I mean, having the Norse God of Mischief as your godfather would be pretty cool, but only if he existed." If asked, Warina Summers would define her life as &q...
  • fewannoyingcliches
  • marvelfan
  • lokifanfic
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You Liar!!! (Cheater!Allen Walker X Reader X Tyki Mikk) *Edited* by Anime_Girl_024
You Liar!!! (Cheater!Allen Daniele Sapphire
It's Your and your boyfriend's,Allen, first anniversary today and you're about to surprise him but what you see is Horrible. What will you do?
  • kanda
  • lavi
  • cheater
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Star-Crossed Lovers - Allen/Nea x Reader by Yuuki241
Star-Crossed Lovers - Allen/Nea Akari
Along side Alma and Yuu, you were the third person to be born from the Second Exorcist program. When a boy by the name of Allen shows up something sparks a familiar feel...
  • xreader
  • nea
  • dgm
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a girl hidden amung us (Adopted) by LilithElenaFlame
a girl hidden amung us (Adopted)by Lilith Elena Flame
Who would've expected this Allen Walkers a what! Ya, the secrets out now.
  • allenwalker
  • dgraymanhollow
  • lenalee
Yullen - Pirate AU by TheBayster
Yullen - Pirate AUby TheBayster
After being attacked by a vicious group of pirates called "Noah's Ark" Allen was narrowly able to escape their grasp, only to be captured and sold as a slave t...
  • fanfiction
  • dgrayman
  • kandaxallen
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Unforgettable Accident (Allen Walker x Yuu Kanda) by code_breaker_00
Unforgettable Accident (Allen code_breaker_00
An accident happened that turned Kanda into something that he never imaged he would become. What's worse is that it's also related to Allen Walker! Read on and journey...
  • dgrayman
  • yuukanda
  • yullen
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