(SerVamp) Kuro - So Troublesome

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Hey people! This one shot takes place in a AU were Kuro isn't a vampire and you both are in high school! Again, this one contains a little bit of FLUFF!

This one is hella long! I didn't expect this one shot to turn out this long.


You lazily walked to your fourth period class. The day was almost over and it was the first day of school. You were a grade 12 student.

You scanned the halls and looked for room 126. It was science class, and you were hoping that one of your friends would be there with you in that class.  

When you finally found where it was you gazed at all the students in the room. None of your friends were seen in that class. This was weird you didn't know anyone in that class. 

'Maybe I should wait for more people to come, then maybe one of my friends will show up.' You thought to yourself as you took a seat at a desk.

You watched more and more students come in, no familiar faces came in. But, two students came in, and it made your eyes go wide open with awe. It was two handsome guys, you couldn't take your eyes off them. One had blue hair with red eyes, while the other had light brown hair and brown eyes. But your favorite one was the guy with the blue hair. Something about him made you fangirl mentally.

Suddenly the blue haired guy talked to his buddy with the brown hair,"Mahiru that girl won't stop staring at us, so troublesome." 

"Don't be rude, Kuro!" Said the guy whos name was Mahiru.

'Hmm troublesome?' You thought to yourself.

Then the two teens took their seats beside each other. The teacher stood in front of the class as the second bell went off, indicating that class was now in session.

Since it was the first day of school the teacher went over what everyone in that class will learn. The teacher also went over rules and expectations of the class. That took over half the class. After that the teacher said something that you didn't expect on the first day of school.

"We will be doing a project with teams consisting of two people and I will be assigning your partner to you. After I assign partners I'll give you and your partner a sheet that explains the project." Said the teacher. The whole class started to whine.

"A project on the first day of school already? What a pain." You heard the guy named Kuro mumble to himself.

"Alright, when I call your name please stand beside me, I will then call your partners name. Then I'll give you and your partner the paper, after that pick where to sit with your partner and discuss the project after you read it." Said the teacher.

You were kind of mad since you had to do a project already. Plus you didn't know anybody in that class!

The teacher started to call out names. You didn't pay attention until the teacher called your name and your partner's name,"(Y/N) and Kuro."

Your heart started to beat loudly inside your chest. But you got up anyway with nervousness raking throughout your body. You had to work with the cute guy you were fangirling about! You both stood beside the teacher and the teacher handed Kuro the paper.

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