(Bungou Stray Dogs) Dazai Osamu - Forever Lullaby

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This one has angst, fluff, and violence in it. In this one shot you work alongside Dazai in Armed Detective Agency as a desk worker. It's also a song fic! It's sung by none other then Dazai's voice actor Miyano Mamoru! He's my favorite Japanese voice actor! He's so talented and cute!

There's a video I put in of the song, but sadly that's the only one I could find and it doesn't have English lyrics. But don't worry the English lyrics are in this one shot. The lyrics are in italics!


It was a cold and dark night. You ran and ran through the cold air, trying to make your over to Dazai's apartment. Right now, you needed him.

What happened to you was so unexpected. You just went with Kunikida and Atsushi on a mission. Kunikida just wanted you to come along to give them assistance in talking notes on the enemy while you were spying on them. You wished Dazai was there, but he had the day off. He was the one you cared for the most in the Armed Detective Agency. Over the years of being with him you grew very close to him.

While you were on that mission the enemy found you, Kunikida, and Atsushi. The enemy welded his knife and wounded Atsushi pretty badly. You saw many innocent people suffer in the hands of your ememy, he killed many people. But the biggest trauma to you was when he grabbed ahold of you and cut your arms and face with the blade. Thankfully before it escalated further, Kunikida saved you and you got out with him and Atsushi.

The mission wasn't too long ago and it still made you shake from anxiety. In your many years of working in the Armed Detective Agency you never experienced that much bloodshed before. It terrified you to the bone. And now you had bandages all tied along your arms. One huge bandage covered your whole left cheek on your face.

You just needed Dazai, you knew he'd be there for you. Finally, you made it to his apartment door. You knocked on it, hoping he was there and he'd answer it. You heard footsteps coming toward the door, you heard him unlock the door. Finally the door opened and it revealed Dazai. As soon as you laid your eyes on his chestnut brown eyes, tears started to follow down your face.

"(Y/N)? What're you doing here? What's wrong? Why are you crying? Please tell me what's wrong." Said Dazai with a concerned look on his face.

"D-Dazai...... I-I......" You mumbled.

"(Y/N), please come in. You can sit with me, and please tell me what happened. I'm here for you." Said Dazai.

"Thank you, Dazai. I knew you'd help me." You said as you gave him a weak smile.

"No problem, come in." He said as he gestured for you to come in.

You walked inside his apartment. He closed and locked the door when you walked in his apartment.

Dazai went in the living room and you followed him. He sat down and gestured for you to sit next to him. You gladly sat next to him.

"Okay can you please tell me what happened? Don't hesitate, you know you can tell me anything. Whatever it is I bet it has something to do with that big bandage on your face." Said Dazai.

"Yeah, t-that's right...." You said, it seemed like the words were to hard to get out of your mouth.

"And what's that? Did something happen to your arms too? What the hell happened?" Said Dazai as he gently grabbed your hand and pushed up your sleeves that were covering the bandages, blood still seeped through the bandages. A part of the bandage was sticking out of the sleeve that's how he noticed it.

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