Kekkai Sensen one-shots by ColoredUniforms
Kekkai Sensen one-shotsby ColoredUniforms
um,,, hello! This is my first time doing a reader insert, but anyways I hope you enjoy !! Requests: Closed until further notice! No requests will be done...
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Anime One Shots (Various Anime X Reader) by eveninglove45
Anime One Shots (Various Anime X 수지
XantheRowd made the cover! Various anime X female reader Hey there, I will be writing anime one shots! The anime I will be writing one shots for are: - Bungou Stray Do...
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「Not quite expected」Kekkai Sensen | Zed x Leo by YoruNiiChan
「Not quite expected」Kekkai Gabriel
Leo and Zed were best buddies. They understood each other the best from all the other people at Libra. But what if they have other feelings for each other than they thin...
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Sugar Song and Bitter Steps (Kekkai Sensen: Steven Starphase X Reader) by mochiani_04
Sugar Song and Bitter Steps ( Mochiani_04
'Welcome to Libra' was the first thing I heard when I first entered the building. I knew this job wasn't going to be a sugar sweet song, but, I was hired. Like everyone...
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Bloodstained Sailor Uniform || Leonardo Watch X Reader by Lowlifedolls
Bloodstained Sailor Uniform || ˗ˏˋ mega spook ˎˊ˗
Only the most special of people are faced with God and given another chance at life. This is the way Y/N L/N lives her life as she is tragically murdered anonymously. Af...
  • action
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Do you love me? (William/despair x oc) by otakusenpai1
Do you love me? (William/despair Dazai's clone
A girl came in the hellsalem lots to find her true purpose and see her mother again. At the same time she will help the secret society, The Libra with her uncle steven...
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Eyes of The Abyss by Chaotic-Midnight
Eyes of The Abyssby Chaotic-Midnight
Everyone humans and monsters alike all believed that there was only one pair of special eyes but were sorely mistaken. No one ever wondered if there was a place that the...
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kekkai sensen (blood blockade battlefront) memes and gif by otakusenpai1
kekkai sensen (blood blockade Dazai's clone
basically i post gifs and memes
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Water Goddess|Kekkai Sensen Fanfic by mariru_san
Water Goddess|Kekkai Sensen Fanficby Marsychaos
When already having a hectic life, Leo encounters another member of Libra.
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The Devil's Eyes by Ame178
The Devil's Eyesby Life is a bitch
If there is a pair of eyes that belong to the Gods, wouldn't there be a pair that belong to the Devil? A Kekkai Sensen Fanfic Leonardo x OC DISCLAIMER: I, most certainl...
  • originalcharacter
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Aftermath With Chaos [Kekkai Sensen] by primatemurder04
Aftermath With Chaos [Kekkai Beast IV
After the casters put another force field, Hellsalem Lot is back to normal as being abnormal. Libra are still balancing the world between humanity and other creatures, w...
  • 13kings
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Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beneath by AnimeInspiresMe
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Lauren Birch
Hellsalem's Lot - a city where this world and the alterworld intersect. This is the record of the clandestine activities of the secret society of supermen, Libra, who wo...
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School Idol Cluster by ToastGlue
School Idol Clusterby Toast
★Please read the description first!! Things would probably get confusing if you don't!!★ What if school anime were all in the same universe? Well here it is. This is...
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