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Anime One Shots (Various Anime X Reader) by eveninglove45
Anime One Shots (Various Anime X 태민
XantheRowd made the cover! Various anime X female reader Hey there, I will be writing anime one shots! The anime I will be writing one shots for are: - Bungou Stray Do...
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  • rinokumura
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Kekkai Sensen one-shots by ColoredUniforms
Kekkai Sensen one-shotsby ColoredUniforms
um,,, hello! This is my first time doing a reader insert, but anyways I hope you enjoy !! Requests: Closed until further notice! No requests will be done...
  • williammacbeth
  • stevenastarphase
  • kekkaisensenblack
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Warrior of the Gods (KlausxOC) by wolfxsoul17
Warrior of the Gods (KlausxOC)by wolfxsoul17
Darkness exists in all human hearts. It was once her duty to cleanse the world of that darkness, but then the Great Collapse changed everything. With the fusion of the A...
  • stevenstarphase
  • lovestory
  • kekkaisensen
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Casting Shadows by Azuhah
Casting Shadowsby Mizuchi
When Libra stumbles across a young man with the power to seemingly control his own shadow, Klaus decides to invite him into Libra, and some chaos ensues.
  • original
  • leonardowatch
  • stevenastarphase
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kekkai sensen (blood blockade battlefront) memes and gif by otakusenpai1
kekkai sensen (blood blockade Dazai's clone
basically i post gifs and memes
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Blind Passion [Leonardo Watch x reader Lemon!] by TheRedDeathReaper
Blind Passion [Leonardo Watch x Midnight
Your new to the bustling streets of Hellsalem's Lot after just moving to the city. Soon learning it's a very dangerous place when you have a near death experience with t...
  • kekkaisensen
  • leonardowatch
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Four Eyes (a Kekkai Sensen fanfic) by theresabaee
Four Eyes (a Kekkai Sensen fanfic)by theresabaee
Leo has been leading his normal life when he goes into the Libra HQ with a surprise waiting for him: they have found someone with the same eyes as him. Leo goes to meet...
  • kekkaisensen
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  • leoxwhite
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Leonardo Watch x Reader by TsundereHearing
Leonardo Watch x Readerby I'm Tsundere.
You just moved into Hellsalems Lot and you meet a boy named Leo and it turns out, you two have more in common then it seems
  • eyesofthegods
  • bloodblockadebattlefront
  • love
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「Not quite expected」Kekkai Sensen | Zed x Leo by Ayume404
「Not quite expected」Kekkai Gabriel
Leo and Zed were best buddies. They understood each other the best from all the other people at Libra. But what if they have other feelings for each other than they thin...
  • bloodblockadebattlefront
  • kekkaisensen
  • leoxzed
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Water Goddess|Kekkai Sensen Fanfic by mariru_san
Water Goddess|Kekkai Sensen Fanficby Marsychaos
When already having a hectic life, Leo encounters another member of Libra.
  • fanfiction
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  • bloodblockadebattlefront
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The Scars || •Kekkai Sensen x OC• by _DaddyOsamu_
The Scars || •Kekkai Sensen x OC•by ⓐⓜⓨ
••• "When the time comes, i will not gratitude you to love me anymore.." • • • • • WARNINGS⚠: OOC, Broken English, Cliff hanger, Containe Swearings, and others...
  • bloodblockadebattlefront
  • kekkaisensen
  • klausvonreinherz
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Of Life and Death (Kekkai Sensen ReaderX) by wolfxsoul17
Of Life and Death (Kekkai Sensen wolfxsoul17
Her world was different from his. To him, she was just a pretty face on a screen, no one that could exist in his world. But there she was, standing in front of him and p...
  • sensen
  • leo
  • love
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Taking Over, King of despair/william x Reader by lilrubyyyy
Taking Over, King of despair/ lilrubyyyy
"A-are you okay?" That was the first words he had said to Y/N. The boy was named William Macbeth and his sister behind him was named Mary Macbeth. They all bec...
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Gone (Leo X White) (Kekkai Sensen) by _KingOfDespair_
Gone (Leo X White) (Kekkai Sensen)by {Black}
Leonardo Watch was the guy who can catch anything with his eyes. Mary Mcbeath (White) was the girl who got easily pissed but yet was a fun girl. Both met, had amazing me...
  • marymacbeth
  • leonardowatch
  • leoxwhite
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Sugar Song and Bitter Steps (Kekkai Sensen: Steven Starphase X Reader) by mochiani_04
Sugar Song and Bitter Steps ( Mochiani_04
'Welcome to Libra' was the first thing I heard when I first entered the building. I knew this job wasn't going to be a sugar sweet song, but, I was hired.Like everyone...
  • fluff
  • vampire
  • imtooobessessed
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Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beneath by AnimeInspiresMe
Blood Blockade Battlefront & Lauren Birch
Hellsalem's Lot - a city where this world and the alterworld intersect. This is the record of the clandestine activities of the secret society of supermen, Libra, who wo...
  • kekkaisensen
  • manga
  • jamesdeed
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