∇  ωєιя∂σ  [  Seven X Reader  ]  Δ  by Dakynai
∇ ωєιя∂σ [ Seven X Reader ] Δ by new phone wo dis
[Y/N] was a girl who enjoyed animals. So much so, that she usually got to feed some stray abandoned kittens. She did it every night, it was a peaceful place and doing su...
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Saeran x reader one shots by Harukoruotaku
Saeran x reader one shotsby Harukoruotaku
Saeran x reader oneshots No picture are mine!!!!!
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regret [zen x reader] | mystic messenger by bakaah
regret [zen x reader] | mystic ばか
After a bitter divorce with your now ex-husband Hyun (a.k.a. famous actor 'Zen') your life crumbled into pieces. Despite the terrible divorce, you and Zen wanted to be t...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfriend scenarios (Warning: Slow updates) by Chibi_Chann
Mystic Messenger x Reader Mc ✌🏻('w')✌🏼
Characters only (sorry Baehee ;-;) -Luciel (707) -Jumin -Yoosung -Zen -Saeren
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Joystick [[707xYoosung]] (yaoi) Mystic Messenger fun by Kasumi_Kai
Joystick [[707xYoosung]] (yaoi) Daddy-Chøi
Two gamers that like to play lolol, 707 or also known as Luciel Choi is the goof ball type that loves to pick on Yoosung Kim. There best friends but find out they are e...
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Opposites Attract | Jumin Han Fanfic by MsTrustFundKid
Opposites Attract | Jumin Han Pesky Pickles
The female and male protagonists were born in two completely different worlds. Jumin Han, one of the directors in the C&R company and Yoona Kim, one of the most talented...
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•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)• by Sasakure
•Mystic Messenger Smut (18+)•by Mistou
I'll be taking requests from anyone! Warnings: Smut and very inappropriate use of speech! Follow my tumblr: Kruits I'll post as much as I can!
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Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios by TofuPeachyy
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend XxSimonxX
(RECOMMENDATIONS ARE OPEN) These Scenarios Are NOT In A Specific Order. (THIS STORY IS ACTIVE) INCLUDING: 707, Saeran/Unkown, Jumin, Yoosung, Zen, V. ___________________...
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Power (Jumin Han x Reader) by Katjaface
Power (Jumin Han x Reader)by Katjaface
The most powerful CEO in South Korea is learning a valuable lesson. Money can't buy you friendship or love, but it can certainly buy you attention.
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Jumin x MC's pregnant story by MMYOITRASH
Jumin x MC's pregnant storyby MM_YOI TRASH
A story of Jumin helping MC trough pregnancy ^^ PS: this is my first Mystic messenger story so I apologize if it is a little boring or does not make sense sometimes
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Chips (yooseven) by mysticdaddysama
Chips (yooseven)by mysticdaddysama
Gay and chips and smut :) The ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) implies smut in that chapter Cover isn't mine I just found it in search (discontinued)
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|Mystic Messenger X Reader| by TheFangirlsFromHell
|Mystic Messenger X Reader|by bored
|Mystic Messenger X reader oneshots| Yo yo mystic messenger fans (that sounds cringey lol) welcome to the mayhem we call our oneshot book. Feel free to dm requests or...
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My Soulmate [707 x Reader Soulmate!au] by JaegerIttoki909
My Soulmate [707 x Reader Mish R. Jaeger
Soulmate. The person you've been looking for almost half of your life. Everyday, you would stare at your ring, checking if the color changes or even if it blinks at all...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader by General_Moonster
Mystic Messenger x Readerby General Moonster
Title says it all! ~Fluff, drabble, lime, lemon~ [BUT I WON'T DO A LOT OF LEMONS ANYMORE] Yoosung x Reader Jaehee x Reader Jumin x Reader Zen x Reader Lucie...
  • luciel
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Yandere Yoosung X Reader {FINISHED} by Naomi_Yui
Yandere Yoosung X Reader {FINISHED}by nAoMi WhO
You've been friends with the RFA for a long time now. Yoosung and you have gotten pretty close....maybe too close. He starts to like you and he got really protective all...
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Mystic Messenger Preferences by AngelsAndDemons90
Mystic Messenger Preferencesby Angel of Darkness
Will you be MENDING or BREAKING their hearts
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Smut One-Shots by Sixere
Smut One-Shotsby Sixere
It'll include characters from any type of genre that I like and probably characters who no ones made a smut of. There a little long and may include some plot or won't at...
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Mystic Messenger X Reader Oneshots by TxpedUpHeart
Mystic Messenger X Reader Oneshotsby Guac and Roll
Well theres not much to say except- Welcome to the R.F.A! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader by solivagantmoon
Mystic Messenger x Readerby Moondust
#73 on FanFic Category #Top10 (x3 times) (TYSM MY LOVELIES) . y'all probably know this game and how fucked up this is and how hot fucking people in there
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Error Code 404 (Saeran x Reader x Saeyoung) {Completed} by XxBlack_ThornxX
Error Code 404 (Saeran x Reader XxBlack_ThornxX
Error Code 404: not found The requested resource could not be found but... may be available in the future. Error Code 410: Gone The resource requested is no longer avai...
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