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Amayadori | Han Jumin by CharminglySplendid
Amayadori | Han Juminby dreaming🤍
[「雨宿り」; "amayadori"] - - in which the aloof heir of the c&r company, han jumin, meets the compassionate famous pianist, park jihye (you). - - started: 7/1/20 c...
The Third Sister by dilucbae
The Third Sisterby mimi
Jumin Han, the heir to C&R International, one of the most successful companies in South Korea, is forced to go on a two-month vacation with soon-to-be wife, Sarah Choi...
☆Roommates☆ [Yoosung!xreader] by Blodig
☆Roommates☆ [Yoosung!xreader]by וRay•×
"I have to share a room with a boy?!" (Y/n) practically yelled at the paper she held. "It shouldn't be so bad... I promise not to bother you.." she...
Rikas and Vs daughter  by Mayanater
Rikas and Vs daughter by Mymy
Your Rikas and V's daughter thing is your dad doesn't know of your existence since Rika was pregnant with you when she created mint eye. She never told V she just raised...
Error 404 (707 x OC) Mystic Messenger Fanfic by LenKagamineBoi
Error 404 (707 x OC) Mystic Bonk
Error 404 Not Found "Dammit! Who the hell is this person?" Seven asked in frustration, hitting his keyboard. As he did that, words began to appear in the code...
Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfriend scenarios (Warning: Slow updates) by Chibi_Chann
Mystic Messenger x Reader Mc ✌🏻('w')✌🏼
Characters only (sorry Baehee ;-;) -Luciel (707) -Jumin -Yoosung -Zen -Saeren
Mystic Messenger BoyFriend (+Jaehee) Scenarios  by ChaseHyukkie
Mystic Messenger BoyFriend ( ChaseHyukkie
includes spoilers It's all in the title (Female reader) I'll be doing -Yooung -Jumin -Seven -Zen -Jaehee (Saeran added later) >>thank you too @TheSiriusStar for...
∇  ωєιя∂σ  [  Seven X Reader  ]  Δ  by Dakynai
∇ ωєιя∂σ [ Seven X Reader ] Δ by owo
[Y/N] was a girl who enjoyed animals. So much so, that she usually got to feed some stray abandoned kittens. She did it every night, it was a peaceful place and doing su...
Fix me up | 707 x Hacker!Reader by AlexiaNiculita
Fix me up | 707 x Hacker!Readerby AleAlexia
WARNING: Anorexia, self-harm, abuse. If you are sensitive to these topics, this story is not for you. Read at your own risk! NOTE: CONTAINS SPOILERS
Jihyun Kim X Reader: N E W   H E I G H T S by Night-shadex
Jihyun Kim X Reader: N E W H E My Hanahaki
Mystic Messenger! V x Reader. I feel he needs more love and fics in this fandom so I wanted to write this. I don't think this story needs a description or summary and sh...
My One and Only | Yandere! Yoosung X Reader by trashofdespair
My One and Only | Yandere! stan goro akechi
[Highest Ranking- 153 in Fanfiction] "[Y/N]...are you...scared of me..?" He asked, his face barely visible in the dimly lit room. His face..looked hurt? You bi...
JuminZen - Allergy by KatlnnRotato
JuminZen - Allergyby Katlnn Rotato
Basically, Zen isn't allergic to cats and has been lying to everyone for some time. Jumin isn't pleased with that fact. JuminZen Jumin x Zen [Completed]
Mystic Messenger || Seven Minutes in Heaven by Words-Of-Fate
Mystic Messenger || Seven Fate
Seven minutes in heaven with your favorite Mystic Messenger characters!
Where Futures Begin (Saeran x Reader x Saeyoung) COMPLETED by Sondepoch
Where Futures Begin (Saeran x S·O·N·D·E·P·O·C·H
Life used to be simple for you. Simple, and peaceful. But the Savior had other plans for you, and without a second thought, she ruined what you thought was your one sho...
"From Now on, it's Mr. Han" (Jumin x Male Reader) by Magus-Zero
"From Now on, it's Mr. Han" ( 🧪Bio-babeh🧸
This is a story about a silver-spooned, pampered, bad-tempered man named Jumin Han, and his precious new Assistant from Japan whom he makes into slave? Not only...
Mystic Messenger 707 X Reader Oneshots by BlueFox0407
Mystic Messenger 707 X Reader BlueFox0407
God Seven Zero Seven please help me! I'm in need of reporting an arrest on you cause you heart -////- lol so did Baehee
10 Days (Jumin Han x Reader) COMPLETED by Sondepoch
10 Days (Jumin Han x Reader) S·O·N·D·E·P·O·C·H
The rich don't have it easy. Hell, with all the expectations and formalities and complications, your life is anything more difficult than most. Before, that was okay: b...
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios  by Arwyn_13
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend |Forgettable|
Ever wonder what it would be like to date the mystic messenger boys? Well, you're in for a treat! Follow each individual story line tailored just for the boys in this bo...
Zens little sister by Mayanater
Zens little sisterby Mymy
You move in with your older brother because your parents kicked you out But when you come face to face with your ex boyfriend what will happen?