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(Devil Survivor 2) Hibiki Kuze - It's Okay

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Hey there! Here's a few warnings before I start this one shot: it has a lot of angst and a little bit of fluff. Also it takes place in a modern AU where you and Hibiki are in high school together! There's nothing supernatural about this one shot.

P.S. This is my first Devil Survivor 2 one shot so take it easy on me, I don't know everything about the series I only started it recently.

This is a song fic and the lyrics will be in bold and italics. Play the music! Don't forget to vote and comment if you liked it!


You walked along through the halls of your school. As you walked you looked out the windows you passed by. You stopped in front of one of the windows and gazed out of the window. It was dark outside, you stayed at your school pretty late. This was because you had a extracurricular activity after school and it took longer then expected.

But it was beautiful outside, stars filled the sky in the blackness. You loved stars, you loved the way they glowed brightly. If only you could see them with Hibiki, he loved stars too. You remembered he once told you he loved to look at stars.

He went to the same school as you and you two practically always hung out together. You met him when you both were freshmen in this school.

"(Y/N)! Hey!" You heard someone call out to you they ran to you while you had your back turned to whoever it was.

But you knew that voice.... You suddenly turned around to see who it was.

"H-Hibiki?!" You randomly blurted out. It was Hibiki! You knew that voice sounded familiar! But what was he doing there?

"Hi (Y/N)! Are you surprised to see me here this late?" Said Hibiki with a warm smile.

"Yeah I'm a little surprised to see you here this late. But what are you doing here?" You asked.

"Oh I was studying with my friend here and we didn't realize we stayed this long until now! But he left ten minutes ago. But what're you doing here?" Said Hibiki.

"I had a activity after school and I ended up staying late!" You said.

"Well I'm glad I found you here." Said Hibiki.

Don't know, don't know if I can do this on my own
Why do you have to leave, me
It seems, I'm losing something deep inside of me
Hold on, onto me

Now I see
Now I see

"Thanks Hibiki, I'm glad you came here." You said.

Then out of nowhere something hit you. That's right, Hibiki loved stars and so did you! This was the perfect chance to ask him if he wanted to come look at the stars with you! Your school had an amazing view on the roof top. That would be the perfect spot to look at the stars.

You had a little crush on your friend Hibiki. You kind of thought that he might have knew that you liked him because you always acted differently in front of him. You'd laugh at his jokes, blush around him, and sometimes you'd even flirt a little with him.

"Hibiki?" You slowly spoke his name.

"Yes?" He answered.

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