(Bungou Stray Dogs) Chuuya Nakahara - Dirty Trick

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This one shot takes place in a modern AU. There is nothing supernatural about this one shot. Also, Chuuya isn't in the Port Mafia in this one. There will be fluff, LOTS OF IT!


It was a beautiful summer day and your friends, your boyfriend, and you decided to go to the beach. Your friends Dazai, Atsushi, Ranpo, Kunikida, and of course your boyfriend, Chuuya were there. You wore a cute bathing suit that Chuuya bought for you the other day.

Chuuya looked mighty fine in his red bathing suit with white stripes. He was soaked from the water, from head to toe. Water droplets fell down his muscular chest. He pushed his orange hair out of his eyes. You sat and sun taned while you watched all of this. You couldn't help but admire his fine body. Dazai smirked at you because he knew you were admiring Chuuya. Suddenly a voice called from behind you.

"(Y/N)! Come over here and help me build a sandcastle!" Ranpo called you, as he patted the sand in a playful manner.

Ranpo was really childish despite him being 26 years old.

"Of course, Ranpo. I'm coming!" You holered to the man. You got up from taning and went to the black haired man.

When you went over there, Chuuya sat down and started to sun tan. He took a few glances at you and Ranpo. It's like he was a bit jealous.

You actually enjoyed building a sandcastle with Ranpo, even though it was childish. You admired Ranpo, you thought he was a cool guy. You knew that Chuuya was your boyfriend but you thought Ranpo was cute in his bathing suit too.

"(Y/N) you're good at making sandcastles!" Said Ranpo as he smiled.

That was surprising coming from Ranpo, because he would always complement himself and not others.

You smiled back,"thanks Ranpo, so are you."

"Of course I am!" He cheered.

When the sandcastle was finished Dazai came over to the two of you. He sat beside you and smirked.

He tapped your shoulder and spoke,"hey (Y/N)? Can you help me with something?"

"Sure Dazai, what is it?" You asked not knowing what you got yourself into.

"Help me prank Chuuya. He played so many dirty tricks on me, and now it's payback time. He'll never know what hit him!" Said Dazai as he smirked.

"Wait, what?! I can't do anything bad to Chuuya!" You protested.

"Too bad! You already agreed to it! And don't worry the prank is harmless." Said Dazai.

"Fine, Dazai." You grumbled.

"Go to see Chuuya for about fifteen minutes so he doesn't wonder what we're up to. When that time passes I'll give you a signal. When I do, lead Chuuya over to the water. When I give the signal again, take a picture of Chuuya with my phone." Said Dazai as he smirked then handed you his phone.

"Wait, why do I have to take a picture of him? And whats the signal?" You asked as you took his phone.

"You'll see why you have too. And the signal is me whistling." Said Dazai.

"Fine I'll do it, just don't hurt him." You said feeling uneasy about this.

"Roger! Alright then let's go!" Dazai cheered.

You nodded and then went over to Chuuya. The only reason you agreed to it was because once Dazai wants to do something and you refuse he'll bug you until you agree.

Chuuya noticed you and sat up. He smiled at you and ruffled your hair.

"So did you have fun building that sandcastle with Ranpo?" Chuuya asked.

"Yeah, it was fun." You answered.

"Hey (Y/N), can you rub some sunscreen on me?" Said Chuuya in a seductive voice.

You smirked at him,"sure Chuuya."

You grabbed the sunscreen bottle that was beside Chuuya. You poured some on your hand and started to rub it in Chuuya's back. You weren't going to deny, you loved to do this. Chuuya liked it so much that he closed his eyes and smiled. When you finished, you heard Dazai whistle. That was the signal.

You tapped on Chuuya shoulder,"hey Chuuya, let's go in the water."

"Why?" He asked as he looked at you. You saw Dazai in the background going in the water then dipping his head under the water.

"Just let's go!" You cheered as you picked up Dazai's phone that you laid beside you.

"Ok fine you cutie." He cooed.

You both went in the water, until it was up to your knees. You had a bad feeling about this. Suddenly Dazai popped from out of the water and grabbed Chuuya's waist. Dazai grabbed a hold of his bathing suit and yanked it down. Dazai suddenly whistled. Again that was the signal.

You suddenly snapped a picture of Chuuya in his most embarrassing moment. Somehow Dazai managed to grab his phone from you and along with Chuuya's shorts. Some blood trickled from your nose.

His face turned beet red, "(Y/N)! Why'd you take a picture of me?!"

"Sorry, Chuuya! Dazai wouldn't leave me alone until I helped him prank you!" You said, feeling bad.

"I'll kill him!" Chuuya barked as he started to chase Dazai trying to get his shorts back.

Your friends spent the whole time shielding their eyes when he was after Dazai. Atsushi looked like a frightened rabbit, while shielding his eyes. Kunikida was mad at Dazai for doing that, and of course he wanted to beat him up for it.

You suddenly stood in front of them. You got Chuuya shorts back for him. Chuuya still couldn't stop blushing from what happened, he was so embarrassed.

What a dirty trick......

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