(Mystic Messenger) Yoosung Kim - Fool For You

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I don't have much to say about this one, just that it's extremely cute and that millennium_gray came up with this idea!


Yoosung was in his room playing his favorite game LOLOL, of course he was because it seemed that's all he ever did. Everyone in the RFA knew it and they made fun of him.

Except you.

Of course you told him every so often to be careful of how much me played. But you were always there for the blonde and never made fun of him for something he enjoyed doing.

He really liked you, he thought you were the prettiest girl he's ever seen in his life. All he ever wanted to do was hold you close ever since he laid eyes on you.

The biggest problem was that you saw him as a baby like everyone else did in the RFA. He wanted to impress you to prove he wasn't a baby. He needed help to do so. But who would possibly help him impress you?

Yoosung quickly logged off of LOLOL. He knew what he had to do. He would call Seven for love advice to win you over! He knew he could trust Seven, he was his best friend! Besides Seven was far more wise than he was. He could already see pictures in his mind of him holding you tight and loving you.

Yoosung quickly snatched up his phone and called the defender of justice 707, himself. Yoosung was so nervous to get romance advice from the hacking weirdo. He had no other choice, he needed someone's help and he was the closest with Seven and not so much with the other members of the RFA.

Seven finally answered his phone,"you've reached 707! The defender of justice!"

"Ha ha hey Seven it's me, Yoosung." Answered Yoosung.

"Aww it's my little baby Yoosung! What's up?" Said Seven.

"I just really need your help." Said Yoosung.

"What is it? What do you need help with?" Asked Seven.

"It's just I need your help with (Y/N). I want to impress her so I no longer look like a baby in her eyes. Besides I want to be with her too." Said Yoosung.

"Ooohh~~ Looks like you have a crush! That's so cute! Of course I'll help you!" Cheered Seven.

Of course Seven had no intention of actually helping him. He would take advantage of Yoosung's innocent soul and make Yoosung look like a fool in front of you. That was like Seven, he loved to embarrass, harass, and prank his clueless friend.

"You will? Really? Thank you! So what should I do to impress her?" Said Yoosung, overjoyed that his friend was going to help him.

"First, meet her in a nice place! Like a park for example! Next, when you two are alone whisper in her ear that she looks nice then lick her!" Said Seven.

"Sure, but that's kind of weird to lick her." Said Yoosung.

"Ahh don't worry girls dig that kind of stuff. Write this stuff down, write down the other things I said so far!" Said Seven laughing to himself. This was going to be hilarious!

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