(Mystic Messenger) Zen - Do The Tango Baby!

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Hello people! I just wanted to thank you guys for all the nice comments and votes! It really makes my day! :)

Anyways, this one shot is full of fluffiness! This was another idea that millennium_gray came up with! Thanks so much for helping me with ideas! I hope you like it!

Sorry if there's mistakes I don't know everything about Mystic Messenger. Also the song I put in is a cover by Marilyn Bailey, it's not the original song. All credits go to artists of the song.


The sun was beating down on your head as you were walking in the sunlight. You were heading back to your apartment after a long walk. Suddenly your phone ringed in your pocket. You pulled it out of your pocket, Zen was calling you.

"Hello?" You answered.

"(Y/N)!! I'm so happy! I got a part in a musical! I finally get to act! The best part is I get to dance and sing!" Cheered Zen on the other line.

"Oh congratulations, Zen! I'm so happy for you!" You said.

"Thanks for your support! But I have a favor to ask of you, if you don't mind." Said Zen.

"Sure what is it, Zen?" You asked.

"It's been quite a while since I danced and I was just wondering if you could help me practice. There's one part of the musical where I have to do the Tango with a partner. I just need someone to practice with and there's no way I'm going to ask one of the guys, that would be weird. I'd rather dance with a cute girl like you. So what do you say, will you help me practice?" Said Zen with excitement.

You blushed a bright red,"oh of course I'll help you! Is there somewhere you'd like to meet me at?"

"Yeah there's a dance studio that I went to a while ago. How about we meet there? Then we can get started! I should be there in ten minutes!" Cheered Zen.

"Alright! Can you give me the address? I'll meet you there." You said.

After about another two minutes of talking to Zen over the phone he told you the address of the dance studio. When you finally got off the phone with him you started to make your way to the dance studio. Zen told you to meet him at the front entrance of the building.

When you finally made it there you saw Zen with a sweet smile on his face while waving to you. You smiled back and made your way up to him.

"Hey (Y/N)! I'm so happy you could come and help me out!" Said Zen, giving you a light hug.

"Of course, Zen! I'm glad I could help you out!" You replied as you hugged him back.

Then Zen let go of you,"alright! I'm all pumped up! Let's go inside and get started!"

You nodded,"yeah! Let's get going!"

Then you both made your way inside the building. It was beautiful inside with its modern architecture. You stood there at looked around the beautiful building in awe.

"This building is quite amazing, don't you think?" Said Zen.

"Yeah! It's so beautiful!" You cheered.

"Now come with me! There's a dance room I reserved for me to practice at!" Said Zen as he grabbed your hand and started to lead you down the hallway to the room he was talking about.

"Zen! Hold on!" You giggled as Zen pulled you down the hallway with him.

Then he came to a sudden halt making you bump into him. He giggled when you bumped into him.

"Ok here it is! I have a key for this room!" Said Zen as he pointed to the room he stopped in front of.

He unlocked the door with the key, then he opened it, and gestured for you to go in first.

"Ladies first~~" He said as winked at you.

A light pink spread across your cheeks then you nodded to the white haired male. You went in the room and Zen followed behind you. Zen flicked on the room lights. You looked around the room, it had a brown wooden floor with two huge mirrors on either sides of the room. There was a little chandelier that hanged from the ceiling that lit up the room.

"This room is so pretty too! Wow this is a really fancy dance studio!" You said with a pretty smile on your face. Zen really admired that smile of yours.

"I know right? Now, shall we get started my lady?" Said Zen as winked at you.

You giggled while blushing,"geez your so cheesy, Zen. But you're such a great gentleman. Yeah let's get started."

"Thank you! I love to hear that from you. Ok I'm ready let's go!" Chirped Zen.

"By the way, Zen what about music?" You said.

"Oh about that, don't worry about it there's a stereo system in here I can plug my phone into it and play which track I want to play." He said as he walked to over to the stereo system.

He plugged his phone into it. Then he finally played the track he wanted. It was a beautiful song, you recognized it straight away. The song was called 'Let It Go' by Marilyn Bailey. (No it's not the song Let It Go in the movie Frozen also this would be a good time to play the music I added)

"Oh I love this song!" You cheered.

"That's good, I like this song too. So are you ready? And don't worry I'll tell you what moves to make." Said Zen as he walked over to you.

He grabbed your hands and got onto the dance position. He pushed his chest onto yours, which made you blush. He started to do beautiful swift dance moves, he led you to do the right moves with him.

The Tango was a romantic dance which meant you both had to be extremely close to each other, which you both were. Zen seemed to be quite nervous, just as you were. He was blushing a bright red.

For another two minutes you both spent the time dancing together. You thought it was nice to dance with him. You stumbled a bit from time to time from dancing, but Zen was there to pull you up.

He was such an amazing dancer you thought he would do great on the day of his performance. You would be there, always to cheer him on......

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