(Mystic Messenger) Zen - Rockabye

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I don't have much to say about this one shot just that it's full of feels! It contains spoilers and those who know about Zen's past will only understand this one shot.

I got the idea for this one shot from the song 'Rockabye Baby' by Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, and Anne-Marie.


It was a rainy night and you were cuddling your husband Zen on the couch. You had your head on his chest and you started to dose off.

Zen looked over to his side to see that your child was safe and sound sleeping on his chest as well. You and Zen had a baby together after you got married. The baby was now eight months old.

The baby turned out to be a girl and you both decided to name her Bella. She was beautiful, Zen loved her and you. He couldn't imagine a life without you or Bella.

About fifteen minutes later Bella started to cry she wanted something. You opened your eyes and responded to your baby's cry. You got up from cuddling Zen and took Bella from him and started to rock her slowly back and forth.

"Do you need help with Bella my sweetie?" Said Zen to you with a sweet smile.

"No, no. It's fine I've got it, thanks anyways. She's probably hungry, I'll feed her then put her to sleep. It's getting late anyways." You said while looking at your daughter.

"Okay thanks. But you know you don't have to do all the work. I can help you anytime you want me too." Said Zen.

"Thank you Zen, I'll keep that in mind when I need help with her." You said while smiling at him.

"Well good luck with her." Zen simply said.

You nodded and took Bella up to her room to feed her then put her to sleep. Zen watched you leave with her, sometimes he felt as though you work to hard.

You stepped in Bella's room and sat down on a chair that was beside her crib. About ten minutes later you finished feeding her. After you finished feeding her you attempted to try and put to get her to sleep.

Zen was curious so he peaked through the door that was open just a crack. He wanted to watch you take care of her, he loved to watch how caring and gentle you were with Bella.

You started to sing Bella a lullaby. It was a beautiful song, Zen listened to you sing it to Bella. He recognized the song it was a beautiful song that he always used to sing. He used to sing it because it reminded him so much of his past. He sang it when he felt down, it meant a lot to him that you were singing it to her. He knew it was a lullaby but it had great meaning to him. It meant so much to him because he remembered that awhile ago he told you about that song and he sang it to you. He was happy you remembered it's words.

You sang to the baby with those words that Zen once sang to you,"love, no one's ever gonna hurt you, love. I'm gonna give you all my love. Nobody matters like you. Your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life. You're gonna grow and have a good life. I'm gonna do what I've got to do. So, rockabye baby, rockabye I'm gonna rock you. Rockabye baby, don't you cry. Somebody's got you."

Zen thought of his past because of the song. He thought of how bad his life was before and how his mother hated him. This lullaby always made him cry, he'd often break down into tears while singing it. But somehow he still loved the song.

You looked at your baby's face to see her sleeping peacefully in your arms. You smiled at her peaceful state, you placed her gently and slowly in her crib so she could sleep in quiet. You slowly started to move and tried to leave the room quietly. But as you made your way to the door you heard light sobbing sounds.

Curiously, you opened the door to find out where the sound was coming from. It revealed a crying Zen in front of the door. You looked at him with a confused look.

"Hyun, why are you crying? And why are you in front of the door?" You whispered to not wake the baby.

"I-I just love to watch you take care of Bella so I watched through the crack of the door. I heard you singing that song to Bella the one I told you about before, it just made me think about my life before. But I'm glad you sang it to her and I'm glad you turned my miserable life around, thank you (Y/N)." Said Zen as he pulled you in a warm hug while he cried.

"Of course, I love you." You said as you held onto him tightly.

"I love you too." Said Zen as tears streamed down his face.

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