(Blood Blockade Battlefront) Leonardo Watch - Sweet Kiss

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"Leo! I'm so board! Can we do something? Pretty please?" You wined.

It was a boring day, there was absolutely nothing to do that day. And you kept bugging Leo to go somewhere.

"Leo! Leo! Plea-" You begged, but Leo cut you off by putting his hand on your mouth.

"(Y/N) what exactly do want to do today? There's nothing to do." Said Leo with a blank expression on his face.

Leo still didn't remove his hand from your mouth. He really didn't want you to talk anymore, did he? But you knew exactly what to do about that. You mentally smirked in your head. You suddenly swiped your tongue across his hand over your mouth.

"Ahh! Hey! Why'd you lick my hand?" Shouted Leo, waving around his slimy hand.

You giggled while watching him freak out,"heh your so funny Leo."

"Hey! That's not funny!" He mumbled.

"Oh Leo lighten up, I thought you wouldn't mind. Besides we've kissed before, so I thought you wouldn't care." You said as you smirked at the brown haired teen.

Leo blushed and looked away,"you're still taking about that?"

"Yeah, of course do you really think I'd forget? When you came back from a mission with Libra, you admitted you liked me. Then we kissed, because I said I liked you too. Besides, it was only yesterday when you said admitted you liked me." You said.

"I know, I guess I'm just really awkward with those things." Said Leo, now crossing his arms.

You went in front of him, with his back turned to you. You suddenly spoke,"Leo...... Don't worry! I'm really awkward about those things too. But, it shouldn't stop you or me! If you like me then let me be with you!"

Leo's eyes widened at your words. He sighed and finally turned around to face you. Your faces were really close, you could feel his breath on your face. You were so close to him that your lips almost touched his lips. You blushed at his and so did Leo.

"You're right I don't what I'm holding back for. I should take this chance while your right here in front of me." Leo said, blushing.

"That's right!" You said with a hint of confidence in your voice.

"Yeah I am right." Leo said then placing his hand on your cheek.

He slowly pulled in closer and suddenly kissed you on the lips. A few minutes later you both kept sinking love into the sweet kiss. Slowly you pulled away from his lips to say something to him.

"Leo~~ Only if you had a place of your own, I could do other things to you. And I bet you would like it~~" You purred then winked at Leo.

Leo blushed deeply at your words and his eyes went wide,"(Y/N)!"

Leo was happy he could finally be yours. You were glad too.

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