(SerVamp) Lawless - Broken

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This one shot takes place in a modern AU, so Lawless isn't a vampire! It has angst and its a bit sad. Sorry if Lawless is out of character!

Ophelia is Lawless' dead ex in this one shot. This one shot is basically how he found out about her death. Of course the story line is different because it takes place in a modern AU! By the way, the reader calls Lawless Hyde in this one.


"Hyde! Hyde! Where are you?" You hollered as you walked around the blonde and black haired males apartment.

You hadn't seen Hyde in days, he didn't call or text you and that wasn't like him. You called him dozens of times, but he didn't pick up. You started to worry about your dear friend, so you walked over to his place to make sure he was alright. He gave you a spare key to his house a year ago for emergency uses only. You used the key to enter his apartment to check up on him.

You both met in your first year of college and it was going on your fifth year of knowing him. You were both good friends, you had a crush on Hyde. But you weren't sure if he felt the same way.

But answers soon became clear to you, once he met his girlfriend, Ophelia a year ago. You were heartbroken once you found out he was dating her, but you still stayed friends with Lawless. You couldn't tell him how you really felt, since he already had a girlfriend. Plus, you weren't the type to push Ophelia away from Lawless. It would just make you feel guilt and nothing else.

"Hyde! HYDE! Hyde, come on! Answer me, I know your here!" You shouted trying to get an answer. Again no answer.

You started to stomp through the apartment like a child. This was starting to frustrate you. You continued to look through his apartment, you practically almost looked through every door. But you suddenly stopped when you heard a somewhat loud noise. At first you couldn't make out what the sound was. You started to become curious of what the sound was, it sounded muffled so it was hard to tell what it was.

You soon started to follow the sound, so you could find out where it was coming from. As you got closer it grew louder and louder. The sound led you to a closed door, it was Hyde's room. You stood in front of the door. The sound was very clear now, but it still sounded a bit muffled from the closed door. It was the sound of crying.

Lawless! It had to be him on the other side of that door!

"Hyde? Are you there?" You asked.

"(Y/N)? Is that you?" Said Hyde from behind the closed door.

"Yeah! It's me, Hyde! I was so worried about you! I haven't talked to you or seen you in days! Why didn't you answer your phone? Where have you been? I called you so many times!" You said, then slowly turned the door handle about to go in the room.

Hyde heard the door handle jiggle, indicating you were going to come in. So he suddenly spoke up and stopped you from coming in.

"Don't come in!" Said Hyde.

You did what he wanted and let the door handle go.

What was up with him? He didn't even answer your questions.

"Why not? And why didn't you answer my questions?" You said.

"Just don't come in!" He snapped.

"Hyde! Don't be like that! I'm coming in! I don't care what you say!" You snapped back, then suddenly swung the door open.

You gazed around the room, you saw Hyde sitting on his bed. He was a mess. His hair was messy, it looked like he hadn't gotten sleep in days. His glasses were on the ground, smashed. His eyes were red and puffy, it looked like he cried for hours. There were still some tears on his cheeks.

So that's what you heard, it was Hyde crying.

"Hyde......?" You mumbled.

"Go ahead, laugh at me." He said.

"Why would I do that? You're my friend. Can you please tell me what happened? Why are you a mess, and crying?" You said.

"It's Ophelia, she's dead." Sobbed Hyde.

"What?! How?!" You said, shocked.

"We had a fight before she died, I said some cruel things to her before she died. She got so angry with me that she went in her car and drove off. Soon After, I got a call that she got into a car crash and didn't survive. It's my fault she's gone!" Said Lawless as tears poured out from his red eyes.

That explains why you haven't seen him in days. He was too depressed to pick up his phone. He was probably suffering in his room alone, for days.

"So that's why you didn't pick up the phone? You were too depressed to talk to me? You know I could've helped you!" You said as you sat beside him.

"Sorry I didn't answer my phone when you called or texted me. I'm sorry I should've told you before. I just wanted to be alone. I couldn't handle people after knowing that Ophelia is gone. I miss her so much, I wish I didn't say those things to her." Said Hyde, sniffling.

That's when he snapped. Tears fell from his crimson eyes. He didn't stop crying. You could tell he regreted what he did.

"I'm so sorry that happened, Hyde. But I'm here for you, I'll help you get through this." You said.

Hyde just stared at you, he knew your words were genuine. He suddenly embraced you with a tight hug and cried on your shoulder. You patted his back and held him close.

You really loved him. You wanted to tell him how you felt, but it was a bad time to do so. But for now, you would be there as his friend.........

You really did love him.

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