(Blue Exorcist) Rin Okumura - I'm Here

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More angst in this one shot, I know I'm terrible. When it says *hic* in a sentence when someone is talking, it means they hiccup. Rin is drunk in this one. Play the music if you wish.


You loved him ever since you met him.

Rin Okumura.

He was the sweet and kind teen you met at Cram School. You were training to be an exorcist just like everyone else there. (I'm not going to do a whole back story because this is not a Blue Exorcist Fanfiction and it would take too long XD)

You were alone in that school and no one really talked to you. Until one day a new student came along and made friends with you. That student was Rin, he saw you were alone and came to make your day better. Little did you know your life would change for the better.

You loved to see his smiling face every day when you came to school. It's like all your pain vanished in the sight of him. You always hanged out with him and laughed together. His friends came along too and you ended making friends with them too.

You found about his powers with everyone else. But you weren't afraid of him. You knew what happened to his father, he told you everything.

You liked him a lot, as more than friends. But you weren't sure if he felt the same.


It was the beginning of another school day, and you went to class. You sat down in class and waited for Rin to show up. He was always late and you were used to it.

Ten minutes passed by and the school bell already rang. It was strange, Rin wasn't there, he was usually late for class but not that late.

Then it occurred to you, he wasn't going to show up today. He usually never missed school days. You started to worry about him. Yukio, Rin's brother was there, and not Rin. And you knew that Yukio wouldn't just let him have a day off. Something must've been wrong.

You sighed and thought that after school you would go to his dorm and see if he's alright.

(Time skip after school)

You sighed and left the premises of your school. You started to walk to Rin's dorm, you already knew where it was since you've visited Rin quite a bit.

Once you were there, you knocked on the door. You waited five minutes, he didn't answer. You slowly turned the door handle to find out the door was unlocked. You popped your head in the dorm, you saw Rin on his bed resting. He was such a heavy sleeper.

You didn't want to scare him awake so you went and sat down on his bed and shook him lightly. His eye lids opened and releaved his ocean blue eyes.

"(Y/N)? What are you doing here?" Asked Rin, his voice sounding very worn out.

"I came just to check up on you. You weren't at school so I was worried." You said.

"Oh *hic* that...... I didn't come because I was to *hic* upset. Today is the day my dad died." Rin said as he hiccuped.

"I'm so sorry, Rin. I understand." You said as you patted his back.

"Oh good....... I feel a little alright though. Shura one of my teachers came this morning to me and Yukio's dorm. When *hic* Yukio left she came and said that she knew it was a sad day for me. So she gave me *hic* alcohol. I drank it to feel at least a bit happy." Rin said.

"So you're drunk?" You said a little shocked.

"Yeah....." He said.

"But you shouldn't be drinking, Rin." You said, worrying about him.

"Oh well.......... I shouldn't even be alive. My dad shouldn't have *hic* saved me. I'm a monster, and everyone is scared of me." Said Rin in a shaky tone.

"But, I'm not scared of you! I love-" You said but suddenly stopped when you realized what you were about to say. You almost confessed to him.

Maybe this would be a good time to tell him how you felt. After all, they say that drunk people always tell the truth. He might not remember by the time he's sober, though. Maybe that was good too, especially if he rejected you.

"(Y/N)? What were *hic* you about to say to me?" He asked. He seemed to be barely awake.

"I....... I..... It's just I like you a lot! I like you more than friends! Your so kind and sweet! Your smile always brightens up my day!" You said, as you blushed.

"Really? You *hic* like me? I like you too, ever since I met you. I think you're so stunning." He said with a drunken smile. "That is so amazing that you like me, I really do love yo-"

He suddenly stopped talking and closed his eyes. His head then fell on your lap. Was he about to say he loved you? He was so drunk he fell asleep on your lap. You weren't sure if he would remember what occurred, but it still made you feel happy. He did tell the truth because that is what drunks do.

You suddenly whispered in his ear,"I love you too, Rin."

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