(Mystic Messenger) Saeran Choi - Promise

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Hey lovely people, I'm back giving you guys another one shot! Woot woot! Sorry if Saeran is out of character.

Here's a couple of warnings for this one shot, first is it contains spoilers from Seven's route. Second is that this one has scary themes like kidnapping, violence, swearing, and tons of angst. (of course angst is my specialty lol) OK that is all I've got to warn you about. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one shot!


It was dark you didn't know what was going on. You felt so cold, something was really wrong and you didn't know exactly what it was. You felt a presence of a person holding you. Whoever it was they were obviously carrying you to some unknown place.

You were bearly conscious and the last thing you remember was that you were in Rika's old apartment with Seven being there. Who was this person? Was it Seven? You didn't even see their face so it was hard to say.

Finally about fifteen minutes later you slowly opened your eyes. You were finally fully awake. You slowly sat up, you looked down and saw a fluffy blue blanket that covered your body. You pulled your hands out from under the blanket. You looked at your hands, a black rope was tied around your wrists connecting your two hands together so they couldn't move. Your hands were tied together in front of your body. You gasped, this definitely wasn't Rika's apartment and that definitely wasn't Seven carrying you.

You looked around and saw lots of computers with blue screens. On some of the screens there were two words on the screens it read, 'Mint Eye.' This was the place Seven told you about! It was Mint Eye's building that you were in! You couldn't remember if someone kidnapped you and brought you there. It was obvious someone did. You couldn't remember that far back.

"Oh look, the little princess is awake~~" Purred a voice sarcastically from behind you.

You suddenly turned around and saw a tall male with white hair, blue eyes, and a choker around his neck. He had tattoos on his arms. He had a creepy smile plastered across his face. Then it finally hit you, you finally remembered that he was the one who kidnapped you. He came to the apartment and Seven said he was his brother named Saeran. It was his twin brother! But somehow Saeran got you and brought you there. He must of knocked you out, that's why you couldn't remember that much and that's why it was dark.

"You! I know about you now! You're Seven's twin brother! But why the hell did you bring me here? Seven is the one who you're pissed at so why not bring him here? I've got nothing to do with this!" You barked at the white haired male.

"Hmm well you see, dear he cares deeply about you. So if I make you suffer then he'll suffer ten times more. Don't worry dear I'll send him pictures." He said, his voice as cold as ice.

"Really? I won't let you. You're not that tough anyways, I mean look at you. Don't go kidnapping a girl over your little brother problems!" You snapped, you were afraid but you weren't going to act weak in front of him.

"Shut up! You don't know anything! He abandoned me!" Shouted Saeran as he lifted you off the ground by the collar of your shirt.

"Let me go you son of a bitch!" You shouted with furious eyes.

You were starting to get so furious, you suddenly chomped down on his arm. He winced in pain and suddenly dropped you. He backed away quickly. His armed started to bleed from how hard you bit him.

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