Kunikida's Sister [Dazai Osamu x Reader] [Slight Chuuya x Reader] by insaneseok
Kunikida's Sister [Dazai Osamu x R...by insaneseok
Doppo Kunikida, or Kunikida as everyone calls him, is known for his violent and harsh nature. And the way he plans EVERYTHING, but back to the point. No one seemed to su...
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Remember Me, Chuuya by doubleblaack
Remember Me, Chuuyaby doubleblaack
When Dazai was too late in supporting Chuuya during the use of Corruption. He losses Chuuya, and Chuuya has been dead for two years now. Or so he thought. *** Also yes t...
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Synchronous ↠ Dazai Osamu by DesertButterfly
Synchronous ↠ Dazai Osamuby 「Ω」
❝ Is it not true that no two human beings understand anything whatsoever about each other? ❞ ー 「Dazai Osamu x Fem!Reader」 「Completed」
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Belong To The Mafia Boss by alienosaur
Belong To The Mafia Bossby •Ojou sama•
"I love you, [F/N]-chan." He said as he pecked your forehead. Caressing your hair and sniffed its fragrance. You could hear the sound of his heartbeat, jumped...
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Alone or Together (A Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic) by KuroXNeko14
Alone or Together (A Bungou Stray...by KuroXNeko 14
'He looks cool... But... I can see it... A tint of sadness laced in his voice and the pain in his dull eyes.... Why though..? It pains me to see this face...' ====== &qu...
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Osamu Dazai X Reader Collection by YatothejengaGod
Osamu Dazai X Reader Collectionby Moved Accounts
I'm back! And I have a new book with me! This is for all you Dazai fangirls out there~ Enjoy~ =^.^= I hope I get the character's personalities right and I'm sorry if th...
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|| Flawless || by Nekuru
|| Flawless ||by 『Insomniac Cat』
__________ Two people, Two paths, Two lives. Different past, yet somewhat similar. Dazai Osamu was a man who deeply cared for Sakunosuke Oda, despite of his silly pers...
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Prince of Evil (Dazai x Reader) by mochkuu
Prince of Evil (Dazai x Reader)by Mochi
Dazai and Y/N were twins. However, they were separated from each other when they were young and grew up differently. Dazai was the young prince of Lucifena and Y/N was h...
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Happiness Is Short Lived, But I'll Make It Worth Living by doubleblaack
Happiness Is Short Lived, But I'll...by doubleblaack
Dazai Osamu is a detective working for the ADA. One day on a mission he comes across a young ginger headed male named Nakahara Chuuya who's ability was being used to esc...
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HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs drabbles  by sociopathxcs
HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs dr...by 断片
| started : 6/20/16 「my heart is still lookin for you」 [A/N : i don't own bsd, they belong to their rightful owner.] [ lowercase intended ] achievements : #413 in fanf...
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3:12 am | Dazai Osamu  by SuicidalManiac02
3:12 am | Dazai Osamu by Nat✨
Her lips were covered with the color of burgundy, when she whispered those words in my ear: "Don't leave me." I chuckled. Can you ever say "no "to a...
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you're worth more than this entire universe. // bungou stray dogs x reader one shots.
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Imágenes y Doujinshi Soukoku (Dazai x Chuuya) by Mikaela24666
Imágenes y Doujinshi Soukoku (Daza...by Agus Mika Gi
Bueno como no puedo entrar a mi Wattpad original y no quería que ustedes mis lectores se quedaran sin su Soukoku, aquí continuare con la de ''Imágenes y Doujinshi Soukok...
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⋄◊ Soukoku Textposts ◊⋄ by whitekitty890
⋄◊ Soukoku Textposts ◊⋄by VastDelusion
⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄ Textposts from Tumblr because Soukoku is OTPPPPPP ⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄◊⋄
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We Can't Deny What's Forever in Our Hearts by doubleblaack
We Can't Deny What's Forever in Ou...by doubleblaack
Chuuya chuckled. "I never knew you cared." Chuuya said sarcastically. "So, was it you who paid my bail?" "I did... I think there is someone who...
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Together by doubleblaack
Togetherby doubleblaack
"Run away with me Chuuya." "W-What?" Chuuya looked at the brunette in shock. He didn't know what to think of the current question he was just asked...
  • dazaiosamu
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  • coderealize
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Bsd ~ Chuuya And Dazai ~ One Shots by lisina2003
Bsd ~ Chuuya And Dazai ~ One Shotsby Lisa_Nakahara
Just a bunch of one-shots (x reader) I've written while being bored at school ❤️ - It will be just about Chuuya and Dazai cause I LOVE THEM (who doesn't?) - Considering...
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Nostalgia | Dazai Osamu by aspynie
Nostalgia | Dazai Osamuby »𝒜𝓈𝓅𝓎𝓃𝒾𝑒 «
"You're not In love with him again are you?" "No." I lied. ->Ongoing BUNGOU STRAY DOGS// 文豪ストレイドッグス 「Female Reader x Dazai」 >in which a girl su...
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[Soukoku] Yêu thương một ít thôi by Elise_2104
[Soukoku] Yêu thương một ít thôiby ~Xy~
Cuộc sống có vẻ là "hường hòe" của hai anh Warning: Có những từ ngữ thô tục, nhân vật tính cách không giống nguyên tác ♥
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Anime One Shots (Various Anime X Reader) by eveninglove45
Anime One Shots (Various Anime X R...by 수지
XantheRowd made the cover! Various anime X female reader Hey there, I will be writing anime one shots! The anime I will be writing one shots for are: - Bungou Stray Do...
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