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Unknown silence {D.Gray-man} by miraculous_clips
Unknown silence {D.Gray-man}by babyyuu123
Allen has been imprisoned for about a month now going through hard and painful interrogations, he was at one point tortured for information that he didn't even know abou...
  • yukanda
  • lenaleelee
  • lavidgrayman
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Cross' Second Pupil by nymphia08
Cross' Second Pupilby Jenny No
Alice Lakefield, a girl who has no memories of her past is General Cross Marian's another pupil. Along with Allen Walker, they will go to the Black Order headquarter whe...
  • ốc
  • allenwalker
  • wattys2017
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Truth of the Unknown by ChomeChan
Truth of the Unknownby Chome Chan
"You can't fall in love with me." "Why not?" "It's wrong. You and I. Being together. It won't end well." The whitette before him laughed d...
  • kandaxallen
  • kandayuu
  • angst
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SURPRISE! by dalyla2552
SURPRISE!by dalyla2552
oh well just read it....i have no idea what to write for it's description except that it's a dgray man fanfic.... i don't own dgray man.....only the plot. enjoy!! (d gra...
  • dgrayman
  • noah
  • lenalee
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The Noah of Broken Promises [Tyki Mikk x Reader] by alicesongs
The Noah of Broken Promises [Tyki...by Alice Songs
Due to not being able to find many of these, I wrote my own. I apologize for any of the characters being OOC now. The Reader (you) is based of an OC of mine. The basic...
  • tyki
  • xreader
  • dgm
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The true Monsters of the World by TheLittleStarTenny
The true Monsters of the Worldby Tenny
After the Holy war, there was only seven survivors. What are they going to plan on the young Vampire boy and the young Seraph gene boy? Who is the true monster in this t...
  • mystic
  • god
  • owarinoseraph
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The Other Walker (D.gray-man fanfic) by Rosesshouldbeblue
The Other Walker (D.gray-man fanfi...by Blue
'I save people using my weapon...That includes the human souls inside an Akuma.' Rose Walker, adopted sister of Allen Walker, took on the same ideals as him. Having the...
  • blackorder
  • dgrayman
  • fanfiction
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The White Demon - D. Gray-Man by Will-of-the-Abyss
The White Demon - D. Gray-Manby Will-of-the-Abyss
Allen Walker made a decision that would twist the future. Never meeting General Cross in the first place, Allen took Mana's words to heart. He would keep walking. Allen...
  • walker
  • anime
  • dgrayman
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D.Gray-Man Crack Fic by ChomeChan
D.Gray-Man Crack Ficby Chome Chan
Ever wanted to see another side to the D.Gray-Man cast? Or how about Kanda actually being nice? Or what about seeing Allen act a way never thought possible by most? Or...
  • yukanda
  • dgrayman
  • noisemarie
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Unveiling the Truth by ChomeChan
Unveiling the Truthby Chome Chan
ℾѕєqυєℓ тσ тяυтн σf тнє υикиσωи⅃ "Do you really not trust us enough to depend on us?" He bit his lip, feeling tears pooling in his eyes. "Kanda...I'm so...
  • vampires
  • yullen
  • angst
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F A D E Dby Ace
he could simply f a d e away and no one would notice. } ☆ Neah knelt in front the sad boy and gently, carefully, gave him a small pat on the head. "You looked after...
  • anime
  • yetanotherdgmstory
  • allenwalker
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Dorks in Love  by ChomeChan
Dorks in Love by Chome Chan
Allen Walker is your typical high school dork. Kanda Yuu is your typical high school anti-social dork. What happens when Kanda starts failing a class, and turns to the...
  • modernau
  • krory
  • bookman
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Stringing Our Hearts Along  by ChomeChan
Stringing Our Hearts Along by Chome Chan
Allen Walker met Kanda Yuu when they were children. Allen wasn't sure what it was, but he always stuck around the slightly older boy. But good things don't last forever...
  • mariancross
  • dgrayman
  • lenaleelee
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Saving her  by kittylovez89
Saving her by kittylovez89
One shot Arystar KroryxOC.My first attempt at a d gray man one shot.
  • arystar
  • krory
  • allen
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Castle Of Lost Souls  by Lucifer-Is-King
Castle Of Lost Souls by Lucifer Is The One True King...
So I like to imagine anime characters that I really like into my own versions and imagine them having a contract with Cynder (The human version of her but she can still...
  • dgrayman
  • allenwalker
  • light
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Dark Pasts by AnimeNerdz
Dark Pastsby AnimeNerdz
Two girls where fated to meet. Their names? Chloe Kanton and Luxis Palen. Both are exorcists. Soldiers of light. But what will happen when two dark pasts threaten to tea...
  • lavi
  • dark
  • halfsiblings
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Artbook 💙 by Bluebelle_Yu
Artbook 💙by Bluebelle_Yu
It's just a collection of some of my drawings 😊 feel free to drop a comment/ critique. I would appreciate it <3 Have fun and enjoy, Jay 💕
  • detectiveconan
  • fanart
  • cartoon
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Akuma in an Exorcists World by bookworm1290
Akuma in an Exorcists Worldby bookworm1290
Sammy is, or was, a young girl that lived in Paris. She loved painting, drawing and spending time at the library. But after she died and her sister turned her into an ak...
  • dgrayman
  • akuma
  • innocence
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I join the order by Nura_Walker
I join the orderby Nura_Walker
Ok so this story was on quotev but I decided to also move it to watt pad so you guys could also read it! This story was one of my first fanfic story's and it's kinda old...
  • dgrayman
  • nura
Manipulator of Time (Allen Fanfiction) by LiveForNowAndForever
Manipulator of Time (Allen Fanfict...by Live
Alice Lotto. Head of the Clan of Time Guardians. Sister of Miranda Lotto. Prophesied as Time's Manipulator. After finding out her sister Miranda has joined the Black Ord...
  • walker
  • walkerxoc
  • lovestory
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