(SerVamp) Kuro - Keep Holding On

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This one shot is in a Modern AU where Kuro isn't a vampire. Mahiru isn't in this one either. This one shot is dramatic and it has angst, get ready for more feels! Sorry if Kuro is out of character!


You got off a subway at your stop to head back home to your apartment. It wasn't a far distance so you'd walk. You opened your black umbrella and put it over your head, it was pouring hard outside. As you started to walk home, the wind started to pick up and get strong.

The wind made you start to lose grip of your umbrella. The rain grew stronger and you could barely see what was in front of you because of the thick rain. The first thing that came to your mind was to find a building that you could go in until the storm calmed down.

You saw a sign that was close to you. The sign said, 'Mike's Inn.' It was a hotel, but it would do for now until the rain calmed down. After that you could go home. You closed your umbrella and opened the door and got in. You sighed in relief when you got in there. You looked around, you were in the lobby of the hotel.

There was an old woman who was sitting at the front desk. She looked at you with a somewhat confused expression.

"Can I help you dear? Are you looking for a room?" The old woman said to you.

"No I'm not looking for a room. I just came in here because it's raining like mad out there. I just wanted somewhere to go until the rain died down. I'm sorry for barging in like this." You said.

"Thats alright dear, you can stay for a while. You can sit next to that blue haired fellow over there." The lady said pointing to a couch that was near the desk. There was a blue haired male sitting on the couch, he was sleeping.

But why was he there? Was he there because of the same reason as you?

"Umm excuse me miss, but why is he sleeping there? Is he alright?" You questioned.

"I'm afraid not dear, he came here a week ago and told me he had no were to go. I let him stay because I felt bad for the lad. I don't even think he ate in that whole week of staying here." The lady said, turning her head looking at the male.

"That's horrible, maybe I can talk to him and help him out somehow." You said.

After that you walked over to him and then sat beside him. You lightly tapped his shoulder and tried to wake him up as gently as possible. He slowly opened up his eyes and turned to face you.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"My name is (F/L), what about you?" You said.

"My name is Kuro, so why'd you wake me up?" He said.

"I came in here because the rain is pouring down so hard. After, the lady at the front desk told me about you, I was wondering if you're alright." You said.

"Don't worry about me." He said with a sad expression on his face.

"I know we just met but you can tell me! I would like to help you!" You said, looking into his red eyes.

"I have no were to go, I don't have enough money to survive. It's been so troublesome." He said.

"Please, come with me! I'll give you something to eat! I'll let you sleep at my place. I don't like to see people so hurt like this. I promise I'll help you!" You said, with seriousness in your tone.

"Are you sure it's alright?" He asked.

"Of course, Kuro! The rain is starting to slow down, do you want to come with me to my place now?" You said.

"Yeah, thank you so much." Said Kuro, with his expression getting brighter.

"No problem, let's go." You said, as you led him out the door.

You opened your umbrella, you both stayed under the umbrella to keep dry. You both started to walk through the rain with the umbrella over your heads. Kuro shivered a bit, he was wearing a jacket but it didn't seem to keep him warm from the cold wind. It's a good thing you weren't far from your apartment, at least it's warm in there.

About when two minutes passed by you pointed at a tall brown building,"that's my apartment building, let's go to my apartment."

He nodded and let you lead the way. You closed your umbrella and you both got inside the warm building. After that you both went in the elevator. You pressed the button to stop on the fifth floor, which was your floor. When you both got off you looked for your apartment number.

When you found it you unlocked it with your keys, opened the door, and then gestured for Kuro to go in. He nodded and walked inside. He glanced around in awe, he thought it was beautiful in there.

"Wow amazing apartment you have here." Said Kuro still gazing around.

"Thanks you're too kind." You said as you came in behind him, then closed the door behind yourself.

It seemed like he hadn't seen a home in a while, you felt so bad for him.

"You can sit down over there." You said as you pointed to a table with chairs that was in the kitchen.

"Thanks." He said then sat down at the table.

"What do you want to eat? I'll make something for you." You said, smiling at him.

He blushed at your cute smile and answered,"whatever you want I'm not picky."

"Alright! I know the perfect thing to make!" You cheered.

After about twenty five minutes later you finished the meal you made for Kuro and yourself. You made a whole batch of Ramen, just in case Kuro wanted more. You placed a plate full of Ramen in front of Kuro. Then you sat down across from him, with a plate of Ramen as well.

"Go ahead, you can eat. When you finish that one you can have more if you'd like." You said, smiling at him.

"Thank you so much, you're so kind. I wasn't expecting someone to do this for me." Said Kuro as his eyes started to fill with tears. But he quickly wiped them away.

"No problem, Kuro! I'm glad I could help." You said.

After that little conversation, you both started to eat. Kuro's eyes lit up with joy, you could tell he really liked it. When he was finished he asked for seconds and you gladly gave it to him.

It was starting to become really late, you told Kuro he could use your bathroom and use the shower so he could be fresh and clean. You let him borrow a night gown from you, it was big on you anyways so you let him borrow it. It was pink but you didn't think he minded all that much.

Finally when it was late you showed Kuro where he could sleep. It was in a spare bedroom beside yours. He thanked you and went to bed, you did so as well.


When it turned about to be about four o'clock in the morning you got up quickly to use the bathroom. When you were finished you started to walk to your bedroom but something stopped you. You heard something come from the room Kuro was sleeping in.

You slowly opened the door, trying to be quiet as possible. You peaked inside, you saw Kuro he was sitting on the bed with his back up against the wall. He wasn't sleeping, he was awake. You looked harder at Kuro's face you saw tears streaming down his face. It worried you, what was wrong? Then you opened up the door all the way making yourself visible to Kuro.

"Kuro? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" You asked with a worried look on your face.

"It's just..... I was thinking about my life and wondering how it ended up so messed up. But then I thought about you, (Y/N) and how you helped me out. I guess I'm crying because I'm both happy and sad." Said Kuro.

"It's alright, Kuro don't cry. I'm here for you and I'll let you stay here with me." You said as you grabbed both of his hands in yours.

"Thank you, I'm glad I met you." Sobbed Kuro as the tears kept pouring down his cheeks.

"You're welcome, I'm glad I met you too." You said as you kissed his cheek.

Yeah, you were happy you met him.

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