(D.Gray-Man) Allen Walker - Masquerade

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Hey people! rosequeen23 requested this one! I hope you like it! It takes place in a modern AU where Allen and you are in high school! This one is very cliché as well.

This was another awesome idea from millennium_gray I really appreciate your help!


You were walking down the halls of your school with your best friend Lenalee Lee. You were so excited for tonight, there was big dance coming up that was being held at your school. But it was no ordinary dance, it was a masquerade party. You were planning to wear a beautiful purple dress with a purple mask. You weren't sure if Lenalee was going. But you thought it'd be better if you went alone.

As you walked you saw him coming your way. Allen Walker. The handsome guy who you had a major crush on. He knew you and Lenalee, but you didn't know him all that well. He was in your science class and was often paired with you in assignments with partners. Everytime you worked with him, he was so nice to you. That's what you admired about him. You guessed that's what made you fall head over heals for him. You were always so nervous around him and your heart rate elevated.

"Hey what's up (Y/N) and Lenalee?" He greeted you both as you both walked passed him.

You waved and smiled at him. Then finally he was gone, you always walked passed him in the hallways. Your cheeks tinted a light pink after seeing the handsome white haired teen. You couldn't stop thinking about him and this made you blush more.

Lenalee saw this and smirked,"Aww (Y/N), are you thinking about Allen again?"

"N-no! I'm not!" You said as you blushed.

"He he~~ I think you are!" Teased Lenalee.

"You know, sometimes I regret telling you that I like him." You said.

The only reason why you told her was because she really wanted to know if you had a crush on someone and she didn't leave you alone until you told her. So you had no choice but to tell her.

(Time skip)

The school day finally ended and the masquerade party was drawing very close. It was getting dark outside. You put on your beautiful purple dress you were planning to wear, along with the purple mask. You fixed up your hair to your expectations. After you were ready you left your house and headed to the dance.

When you finally made it, you payed for a ticket to get in the dance at the door. Then you were let in the dance, you looked around to see many people in amazing dress's, suits, and masks on. Everyone's outfits were absolutely amazing.

You started to walk around, you heard the jumpy party music that was playing and everyone was having fun. But suddenly a few seconds later the music turned to soft slow romantic music.

You heard the DJ shout something out to all the people there,"okay! Everyone pick a partner for this slow dance!"

You gasped. Crap! You didn't know any guy there to slow dance with! You backed up slowly trying to avoid awkwardness. But suddenly you bumped into someone while backing up. Then you suddenly turned around.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you!" You apologized to the person you bumped into.

"No, no, miss it's alright. You don't have to apologize." The person said.

It was a guy with white hair. He was wearing a gray suit with a blue shirt underneath, he had a blue tie, and he was wearing a gray mask. His voice sounded oddly familiar.

"But now that I got you here, would you like to dance with me, miss?" He asked as he held his hand out to you.

"Oh umm..... Sure." You said as you blushed.

He grabbed your hand and started to lead you into a slow dance. He was such a great dancer. You blushed, he seemed so kind and sweet. His kindness seemed way too familiar to you.

"You're a such a great dancer. I wish I could dance so smoothly like you do." You said to him.

"Ha ha thanks. You're not bad yourself, miss." He said with a sweet smile.

Suddenly the music picked up it's jumpy pace again and the DJ spoke again,"okay all you love birds! Have fun and party until the next slow dance!"

You suddenly stopped dancing with the white haired male and you spoke,"thank you for dancing with me. I felt not so alone anymore, but I should go now. You probably only wanted one dance from me." You were about to leave but he grabbed your wrist and you suddenly stopped.

"Is that what you really think, miss? It's not true at all. I wanted to dance with you because I thought you were beautiful, and I felt bad for you since you were all alone." He said.

"So you're feeling pity for me? That's not why I want someone to dance with me! Because they feel bad for me!" You shouted over the music.

"No! Please don't think that way! Besides you remind me of someone, it made me want to dance with you." He said.

"Really? Who do I remind you of?" You said.

"This girl her name is (Y/N) you sound just like her! I've always liked her. Maybe it was wrong that I thought you were like her." He said while he blushed.

Wait. He was talking about you and he didn't even realize that he was talking to the person he liked! It was official you needed to find out who he was!

"Come with me." You suddenly said as you grabbed his hand and dragged him out of dance and out into the hallway.

"Why did you drag me out here?" He said.

"Because I need to know who you are. Can you please take off your mask?" You asked with pleading eyes.

"Fine, but on one condition. You take off your mask as well." He said.

"Fine with me." You said as you removed your mask.

He gasped,"(Y/N)?! It's you! I can't believe it! And I admitted that I liked you right in front of you! I'm so stupid that I didn't realize it was you."

"Yeah it's me. But who are you? Don't forget your end of the deal, please take off your mask." You said.

"A deal is a deal." He joked as he took his mask off his face.

It was none other then your crush....... Allen! So he liked you back?!

"A-Allen?! No way! You l-like me?! I can't believe it! I've had a crush on you for the longest time! But I never thought you'd be interested in me!" You said as your face turned beet red.

"So you like me too? I'm so happy!" Said Allen as he suddenly pulled you into a tight embrace in his arms.

"I'm so happy too, Allen. Thank you so much." You said as you held tightly onto him.

You were so happy to find out that the guy of your dreams liked you back. It made your heart flutter with joy.

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