(D.Gray-Man) Allen Walker - Tears Of An Angel

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Hey people, all I have to say is this one shot is sad and it has angst.


Allen sat on the edge of his bed. Fresh tears cascaded down his reddened cheeks. His job as an exorcist was never done. It was hard, it was hard just being himself.

Allen never told anyone but with all his pain kept inside he couldn't take it, he'd cry alone quite often. Almost everyday he would cry. But today was different, something made him cry even more. He failed to save a little girl that he promised that he would protect her, but in a akuma attack she was gone in a flash. That little girl had her whole life ahead of her, now she has no life to look forward to. Lenalee and the others told him it wasn't his fault. But he kept blaming it on himself.

You were his girlfriend but you weren't exorcist like he was. You helped in the science department. You always cheered him on, you were always so happy to see him after missions. But he was different today after the mission. He has known you for a long time and you eventually got together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He just ignored you when you saw him with a grim look on his face and left off to his room. It wasn't like him not to talk to you. So you decided to do something about this, you would talk to him. You didn't know where he went but you knew you'd find him eventually.

The worst part of the mission was reporting the sad news to the little girl's parents. They were heartbroken, so was he. They cried and cried. Allen knew he didn't really know this little girl. She was a random citizen, but she was so young she deserved to live.

You searched for the white haired male for twenty minutes. Finally you decided to see if he was in his room. You went up to the door. Just as you were about to knock you heard whimpering sounds coming from inside. It must've been Allen, because it was his room. You slowly turned the door handle, the door was unlocked and the door cracked open. You slowly stepped inside his room, trying to be as quiet as possible.

You tipped toed closer and closer to where the sound was coming from. Finally it led you to where Allen was. You peaked from around the corner, he didn't seem to notice you. You saw him sitting on his bed, his eyes were tightly closed and you saw his tear stained face. His eyes opened slowly and more tears came pouring down his cheeks, he sobbed with his teeth clenched together. It seemed he was trying to stop his tears by clenching his teeth together but it didn't work and the tears kept on coming.

Seeing him in pain hurt you. You wondered what happened that made him cry like that. You couldn't just sit back and watch him cry like that, you had to help him.

"Allen....? What happened? Why are you crying?" You said, softly as you started to walk up to him.

"(Y/N)? How did you get in here?" He asked.

"The door was unlocked. I came because I'm worried about you. You didn't talk to me after your mission, that's not like you. So I came to find you and I did. So can you please tell me what happened?" You said as you sat on his bed beside him.

"I'm sorry I didn't talk to you today. It's just when we were on the mission today, I promised a little girl I'd protect her. But akuma came and attacked the town, I failed to save her after I promised her I'd protect her. Some exorcist I am." He said as a tear slid down his cheek, hitting the red marking on his face.

"I'm sure it's not your fault. It's okay Allen. Don't cry." You said sweetly.

"I'm sorry..... I get emotional when things like this happen. It's pathetic, I know." He sobbed.

"Don't say that! It's not pathetic! You're crying because you wanted to save them! It's normal to feel upset about it," you said as you grabbed a tissue from a tissue box that sat on a table beside the bed. "Please don't cry, Allen."

You patted the tissue lightly on his face, wiping the tears away with the tissue. His blue eyes glistened in the dark room while he looked at you. Then you put your hand on his face and another tear slipped down his face and onto your hand.

"Allen..... don't cry alone anymore because I'm here." You said then you placed your lips on his.

He kissed you back. He pulled you in closer to him and he wrapped his arms around your waist. He was glad to have someone as caring as you. He loved you so much and you loved him.

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