(Mystic Messenger) 707 - In The Name Of Love

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LunariaAbyss requested this one shot! This one has violence and a lot of angst. Sorry it took long, I was really busy! Also sorry it's short!

Don't read if you haven't played Seven's route or you won't understand it! It contains some spoilers too.


"How did this happen? I promised I'd protect you! I told you that you shouldn't have loved me and stayed by my side!" Shouted Saeyoung, shaking with anxiety.

You heard him repeat that so many times. But no matter how many times he said that you still loved him.

Somehow you both managed to get captured by Mint Eye while trying to infiltrate Mint Eye's headquarters. You were both locked in a cold dark cell. Saeran used a gun and shot through Saeyoung's shoulder and put you both in the cell, even when Saeyoung still loved him. Saeyoung just held his bleeding shoulder and tried to put up with the pain.

You spend hours in the cell alone with Saeyoung and all his depressing words somehow got to you. You knew his words were out of anger and sadness but you weren't going to give up on him. But the words still hurt......

"Why did you want me (Y/N)?! You would've been better off with someone kind and gentle like Yoosung! Now you have to go through pain with me!" Said Saeyoung holding tight onto the bars of the cell, trying to hold back tears.

"No, Saeyoung I love you. I don't regret being with you. You can try to push me away all you want but it won't work." You said as your eyes filled with tears.

"Shut up! I don't care! You shouldn't have picked me! I'm a useless coward who can't protect anyone!" Shouted Saeyoung.

You couldn't take his heartless words anymore, tears slid down your cheeks and you started to sob. He suddenly turned to you and saw your tears, he started to feel bad for what he said. But sometimes it seemed like he had no control over his messed up emotions.

"I'm sorry, (Y/N). I shouldn't have said any of that." Said Saeyoung, starting to lower his voice.

"You're so heartless, Saeyoung. But despite that, I still love you! I know that you're not that cruel! I know you're actually kind and sweet! But you think that if you shut everyone out of your life you'll be protecting them. I'm sorry but that's not how you'll protect them! That's not how you treat the ones you love!" You said as you sobbed more.

"I know I'm so sorry..... I'm sorry, I love you too!" Said Saeyoung as his eyes started to fill with tears as well.

You suddenly clung onto Saeyoung and sobbed in his arms. He hugged you back and started to cry with you. You spent ten minutes in each other's arms and cried. Suddenly you heard a familiar voice coming from outside of the cell.

"Are you guys going to keep crying or are you going to come with us? We need to get you to a hospital, you're bleeding pretty badly Luciel." Said the voice.

Saeyoung looked over to who it was, it was none other then Jumin Han. Yoosung and Zen were also with him.

"How'd you guys get in here?!" Said Saeyoung.

"It wasn't easy the alarm went off and there's a lot of people after us. We lost them chasing after us and we found the keys to the cell. Also we got worried after you didn't come back after you told us you were coming here." Said Jumin as he unlocked the cell door and let you both out.

After that you all managed to make it out of Mint Eye. But no matter what he still wanted to get his brother back and this time he'd do it by your side in the name of love. (lol bad writing)

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