Mystic Messenger Parent Scenarios by lonelyywritersblog
Mystic Messenger Parent Scenariosby Natalie <3
Imagine your life as the daughter of the trust fund kid, the worlds biggest game addict, or the greatest hacker and memer. Please read the disclaimer before reading, and...
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Mystic Messenger lemons  by juviaszen
Mystic Messenger lemons by Juvia
I'll be creating short mystic messenger lemons In this, the characters that are included will be: RFA + V, Saeran and Vanderwood And Rika won't be In this !!!
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Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shots by Katjaface
Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shotsby Katjaface
This is just a book of whatever ideas come to mind in terms of situations involving the characters of Mystic Messenger. Please feel free to comment requests! ~Disclaimer...
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Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios by TofuPeachyy
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenari...by XxSimonxX
(RECOMMENDATIONS ARE OPEN) These Scenarios Are NOT In A Specific Order. (THIS STORY IS ACTIVE) INCLUDING: 707, Saeran/Unkown, Jumin, Yoosung, Zen, V. ___________________...
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Mystic Messenger One Shots (COMPLETE) by Seriously-Saeyoung
Mystic Messenger One Shots (COMPLE...by Tap To Retry
(SMUT WARNING) You do remember... Mystic Messenger, Hm? Oh! Of course you do! You remember them for the wonderful game play and innocent characters!! But here they're...
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Mystic Messenger X Reader by wuvzme
Mystic Messenger X Readerby (animewuvz)
Request are open !! Mystic Messenger x reader fanfic *No Lemons*( I suck at making lemons T-T my bad.)
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Mystic Messenger Lemons by MomoLemonz
Mystic Messenger Lemonsby MomoLemonz
I will be putting in a new lemon for MM once I have finished writing it, otherwise this is gonna be a compilation. Stay followed to the channel to be notified when I hav...
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mystic messenger || scenarios + oneshots + zodiacs by bakaah
mystic messenger || scenarios + on...by Retired
[BOOK 2 IS NOW OUT :33] ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° ) i just got uR MESSAGES :D Mystic Messenger does not belong to me, all rights go to Cheritz
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My One and Only | Yandere! Yoosung X Reader by trashofdespair
My One and Only | Yandere! Yoosung...by i love one detective
[Highest Ranking- 153 in Fanfiction] "[Y/N]...are you...scared of me..?" He asked, his face barely visible in the dimly lit room. His face..looked hurt? You bi...
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|Mystic Messenger X Reader| by TheFangirlsFromHell
|Mystic Messenger X Reader|by bored
|Mystic Messenger X reader oneshots| Yo yo mystic messenger fans (that sounds cringey lol) welcome to the mayhem we call our oneshot book. Feel free to dm requests or...
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Mystic Messenger X Reader by YukiKatsuki
Mystic Messenger X Readerby Amamiya Yuki
Just a simple scenario and one shots story ~ Saeyoung X Reader Saeran X Reader Jumin X Reader Zen X Reader Yoosung X Reader This story Mix with Korean & English #star...
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Mystic Life (MysMe X Reader) by Celestial-Red
Mystic Life (MysMe X Reader)by ♫ Celestial-Red ♫
4 Days for you to fall in love with me... 7 Days until it starts all over... That was supposed to be it right? MC. Aka. YOU. Living a relatively normal life while playin...
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Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfriend scenarios (Warning: Slow updates) by Chibi_Chann
Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfrien...by Mc ✌🏻('w')✌🏼
Characters only (sorry Baehee ;-;) -Luciel (707) -Jumin -Yoosung -Zen -Saeren
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↞hacker's love↠ by simplius
↞hacker's love↠by simplius
-BOOK 1 OF OUR HACKER'S LOVE SERIES- 707 X READER | LUCIEL X READER | Y/N is a professional hacker that works for the government and thinks she's the best. What if she h...
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Mystic Messenger x Male Reader by meowdoriya
Mystic Messenger x Male Readerby nijishi
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The (Were)Cat [Mystic Messenger Fanfic] Seven X neko!Reader by phia-ne
The (Were)Cat [Mystic Messenger Fa...by phia-ne
Hyeorin, Yoosung's girlfriend needed help to take care of her pet cat, (y/n). Seven volunteered to take care of the cat. One day, the cat turned into a human with cat ea...
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Hacker Love (707 x Reader) [COMPLETED] by LilWritingDumpling
Hacker Love (707 x Reader) [COMPLE...by DaDumpling
Hi!! This is a 707 x Reader story! I hope you enjoy it. Imma not give an actual description cuz I'm Lazy af. Also I want you to just read and find out lol, bye! Also...
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My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader) by Meila215
My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader)by Saeran's Lauv ♡
[[WARNING: ABUSE]] Y/N has been spending her life alone since she was around 10, her parents had put her up for adoption and she moved into an orphanage. As she grew up...
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Mystic Messenger X Reader Oneshots  by D-P-G-1
Mystic Messenger X Reader Oneshots by DPG1
Want to play LOLOL with Yoosung? Want to watch Jumin's precious cat? Want to have a hacker war with 707? Want to shop with Jaehee? Want to take a shower with Zen? Want t...
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Mystic Messenger Scenarios by SpaceStationChoi
Mystic Messenger Scenariosby SpaceStationChoi
Mystic Messenger Scenarios ~~ Requests: Closed ~~ Characters I write about: Saeyoung, Jumin, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jihyun, Saeran *I don't own any of the characters I wr...
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