(SerVamp) Kuro - Kawaii Kitty

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This one shot just contains a whole lot of fluff. That is all.


You were with your friends Mahiru and Kuro, at Mahiru's place. Mahiru invited you for a little get together. You were happy you got to spend time with the duo.

You were well aware that Kuro was a vampire and that he was Mahiru's servamp. You found out when you caught a glimpse of Kuro turning into his human form while Miharu and Kuro were walking back home. They thought no one was looking, but they were mistaken.

You confronted them, and Mahiru had to explain everything to you. Surprising enough, you didn't stop being their friend. All that time you thought Kuro was just a cute little black kitty. Who would've known he was actually a hot vampire? Hot damn.

You stared at Kuro who was sitting across from you, he was eating some instant noodles. Mahiru was in the kitchen preparing food for you and him. Kuro glanced at you a couple of times with those beautiful red eyes of his.

"Is there something wrong, (Y/N)?" Asked Kuro, while looking at you. It felt like he could just suck your soul right out of your body with those hypnotizing red eyes of his.

"Why do you ask, Kuro?" You questioned.

"It's just you keep staring at me. Are you scared of me because I'm a vampire?" Said Kuro.

"No! Of course not Kuro! I like you a lot!" You said with a light pink tinting on your cheeks.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel uneasy because of this." Said Kuro.

"Yes I'm sure! I'm not afraid of you!" You said.

"Hmmm maybe I can make you feel at ease, by doing this." Said Kuro as he suddenly turned into his cat form.  

You tried so hard not to squeal aloud by his adorable form. You stared at him and blushed, he was so cute like that! Then Kuro started to purr, he rolled on his back.

"So do you like me in this form? Because I remember every time you hung out with Mahiru and his group of friends you always called me cute. You always petted and fed me. I really liked that~~" Purred Kuro.

"That's before I knew you were a vampire!" You said.

"So you don't think I'm cute? That makes me sad." Whined Kuro.

"No, that's not it at all! I do think you're cute, whether your a cat or not!" You said, then blushed realizing what you said.

"Really? That's good! You're cute too! Why don't you pet me?" Said Kuro.

You nodded and petted his stomach, he purred as you did so. This made you blush more. Then he suddenly turned back into his human form. You looked down and noticed he was in human form while you petted his stomach. Then you slowly moved your hand away from his stomach.

"Aww so you'll only pet me when I'm in my cat form? What a pain." Mumbled Kuro.

"Well, your supposed to pet cats and dogs, not people!" You said randomly.

"Aww why? I liked when you petted me." Whined Kuro.

"Hmm fine! I guess I'll pet your head!" You huffed.

'Besides, it's less awkward to pet his head.' You thought to yourself.

You started to ruffle the servamp's blue hair. It was surprisingly soft, and it felt nice. You put your fingers through his hair, he had his eyes closed he seemed to like it. You blushed at his adorableness and continued to stroke his blue hair.

"This feels so nice." He said.

"Yeah, your hair is really soft!" You said.

Again, he turned into his cat form and you looked down at him. He suddenly jumped on your shoulder and purred in your ear. He started to cuddle up to you. He rubbed his face on your cheek and purred more.

He suddenly jumped off you and turned back to his human form. You blushed upon seeing his cute face.

"Hmm it does seem you like me both ways. How about for now I stay like this for a while, and I kiss you instead?" He said in a husky voice.

"What?!" You said, blushing so hard. You weren't expecting him to say that!

He smirked and placed his lips on yours. You happily accepted and kissed him back. You had no idea that the servamp liked you in that way.

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