Important: Please read!

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I need some help from you guys.

I don't know if many of you are still with me here, but I love this story and hope you guys appreciate it as much as I do.

I have finally completed it, and I will be releasing chapters as I revise and edit them.

Since I've started, I've grown as an author and would like to tweak some parts of the story toward the beginning to add more suspense and storyline.

I will be editing the first few chapters and tweaking the story a bit as I go along. No major changes will be made, but major scenes will be added.

Even though I don't have a large amount of readers, just one reader matters to me, so if you have any ideas on where this story should go, please shoot me a message and help me build my story around your thoughts.

This story can go three ways, I've written a few alternate endings and bonus scenes, but I need input from you.

Who would you like Teal to end up with?

What would you like to see happen between characters?

Which character should Anthony target to get to Teal?

What should Anthony do?

And then send me a few predictions, like how will this story end?

What happened to Teals parents?

How will Anthony make his presence known?

Will Blake find a loophole?

Let me know, I need help directing my story in the right direction and would love if you guys helped.

Thank you so much- I love you all- stay amazing 😘


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