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"Morning, love." I hear a cheerful voice say as sunlight suddenly floods into my room.

"Ten more minutes." I moan before yanking the sheet over my head.

"You said that ten minutes ago" it doesn't help that his accent is really soothing, like a lullaby.

"I did?" I really don't remember asking for ten more minutes ten minutes ago.

"Yeah, you did." he says sitting in the side of my bed, handing me a warm cup.

I rub my eyes and squint to focus on the gorgeous man in front of me.

I'm still confused as to what happened last night. I kinda hoped it was just a dream.

I sniff the warm substance and raise an eyebrow. "How did you know I liked black tea with milk and sugar?"

"Research. I know everything about you, Miss Lake."

Something about him calling me that made chills go up my spine.

"Not really. It's my favorite. I just made you what I usually have." He admits.

I look up at him, he is even better looking in the sunlight.

His muscles hardly fit in his white V-neck, and the shirt hugs his body perfectly, giving me a slight taste of what I assume to be a perfect body underneath.

He is wearing black joggers that get tight right at the ankles with some nice athletic shoes.

His dog chain hangs from his neck, giving him the sexy 'bad boy' look with just one accessory.

I'm staring but I can't stop. Why can't I stop?

His perfect face looks so perfect and his perfect hair is styled perfectly.

Nice sentence, Teal.

"Do I look like a high school student?" he asks giving me a spin.

I'm still staring at the gorgeous stranger in front of me, when I give him a smile.

"You look good." I reply. "Too good for high school" I add.

I am not a morning person.

"Good enough to be your boyfriend?" His dimples show as he smiles over at me and gestures to his clothes.

I just giggle and yank the blanket off of me.

"Better." I stretch before getting up and looking over at him quickly. "I'm going to go shower now." I tell him.

I pick out my outfit for the day, some black yoga pants, a cute white strappy sports bra, with a grey sleeveless cut-out jacket and my gray and white running shoes. Athletic and cute.

The grey vest hoodie cut-off thing only cut off in the middle of the back, and the sleeves, so it doesn't show too much skin.

I ain't about that revealing life.

I jump in the shower and quickly rinse myself off, I wash my face and brush my teeth before putting on makeup.

I only put makeup on my eyes to make them pop. I'm lucky to have naturally arched dirty blonde eyebrows, and high cheekbones and clear skin. This keeps me from having to use eyebrow pencils, foundation, and contouring stuff.

I decided to put my hair in a high ponytail and fluff it up a bit to make it look cute and somewhat messy.

Ponytails are usually my go-to hairstyle. My hair in a high ponytail still falls to my lower back. I like having it away from my face.

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