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Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story) by Pixee_Styx
Guts (the original interactive Sam Schill
** PREVIOUSLY A FEATURED HORROR STORY** The dead have risen. You wake up in the middle of this violent, rotting new world. The putrid stench of carnage is in the air. Yo...
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BODYGUARD ° an interactive game. by LATTESALT
BODYGUARD ° an interactive 💡
it's up to you to change the tragic ending of this fairytale. ┈ a multimedia, interactive, choose your own adventure story. || rated pg-13. violence, profanity, ||...
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Powerless by StitchedIvy
Powerlessby King Sanders
Powerless and Pointless... That's what everyone says to him. Caz has always been cast out. From friends because of his closed-off nature and mask. They call him a freak...
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The Marriage Transaction. by arummees
The Marriage arummees
Transaction: An exchange or interaction between people. "You can have the company but first you have to marry the CEO" Who cares if it's just marriage, he...
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JulYAthon by YA
JulYAthonby Young Adult
The biggest, brightest, 'young-adultish' month of fun and games has arrived! Grab all your friends and let's go on this rollercoaster ride together!♡ ♡Win amazing shouto...
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finn wolfhard imagines by printerized
finn wolfhard imaginesby claire
just some finn wolfhard headcanons and occasional imagines bc i'm bored requests are open nothing sexual bc he is only a bby boy
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The 114th Hunger Games {An Interactive Story} |OPEN| by mystical_otter
The 114th Hunger Games {An Otter
What happens if the rebels lost all those years ago and the games continued? And what happens when you, the reader, take control and have a say in what happens to the tr...
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buy a boy™ by Strayberry_
buy a boy™by ✨Jk’s witchy gf✨
HEY YOU!! Yes, you. Feeling lonely? Press the link down below, and buy a boy. 🔼interactive 🔼majority vote
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Scrapbook| Fakegram by riquipuig
Scrapbook| Fakegramby lex
Can you believe we have accomplished so much?
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Chasing Cars [BakuDeku] by MyStoryInTheFandoms
Chasing Cars [BakuDeku]by Kayla Caton
Old childhood friends To UA rivals Izuku Midoriya never wanted to turn enemies with Katsuki Bakugo, but life turned it that way. The relationship only got more distant...
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The Principal's Daughter [Version 1 & 2] by t1nytr33
The Principal's Daughter [ 5adtr33
Lauren Jauregui is a teacher at June High School, arguably one of the most popular ones there. She's chill, funny, and the students absolutely adore everything about her...
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Daily Questions For You by howto_
Daily Questions For Youby e l l a
It's pretty simple really. I ask a question and you answer.
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The Thin Balance Between Sanity and Delusions (Insane MaleReader X Touhou) by Vulcan003
The Thin Balance Between Sanity Vulcan003
(No longer interactive) As a person affected by the madness of his mind, Y/N has to stay on the path of sanity in order to not end up with the other mentally affected pe...
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One Wrong Choice (An Interactive Murder Mystery) by crime
One Wrong Choice (An Interactive Detective & Crime
An interactive murder mystery in which the readers get to choose their own path in order for them to escape the hands of an infamous serial killer!
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Strange Healing (Interactive story!) by Lunar_Dreamcatcher
Strange Healing (Interactive Lunar Dreamcatcher
In this story, Error and Nightmare are dating. In this story, Error is pregnant with Nightmare's child. In this story, two skeletons end up in the Anti-void. In this sto...
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Different G.B.D by Physicallydxlan
Different G.B.Dby grayson's bbg 😅💘
"Yo-you're different." * Juliana Marie Carter, a girl new to Kings High school. She is your typical bystander that hangs around the halls, just living life lik...
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Hybrid Teen (BBS x Freader) by TheScorched_Soldier
Hybrid Teen (BBS x Freader)by TheScorched_Soldier
(Y/N) is an ordinary-ish girl, living in a world of discrimination. And she's one of the people being discriminated against. Why? Because she's a hybrid. But she has a s...
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Subject Child (BBSx Reader GTAverse) by TheScorched_Soldier
Subject Child (BBSx Reader TheScorched_Soldier
(Y/n) is a seventeen year old girl living on her own in Los Santos. She might seem normal, but at the age of thirteen, her abusive parents sold her to an illegal human e...
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Male shadow of war reader x Blake Rwby by maniacsaiyan
Male shadow of war reader x maniacsaiyanassassin
You are Y/n L/n, once your life was normal, but once you found a certain ring that all changed.
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