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Guts (the original interactive zombie apocalypse survival story) by Pixee_Styx
Guts (the original interactive Sam Smith
** PREVIOUSLY A FEATURED HORROR STORY** The dead have risen. You wake up in the middle of this violent, rotting new world. The putrid stench of carnage is in the air. Yo...
  • blood
  • sciencefiction
  • survival
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Apocalyptic ✔ by Haven84
Apocalyptic ✔by Lora
An interactive apocalyptic story. You've heard the strange reports of cannibalism that seems to be sweeping the country. It all seemed so far fetched. Now, though, you...
  • apocalypse
  • apocalyptic
  • twd
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Can You Survive? (Interactive Horror Story) by MorkieLuver
Can You Survive? (Interactive MorkieLuver
A rampid serial killer is on the lose: Where do you go? What weapon do you bring? Who do you trust? The choice is yours...
  • game
  • choice
  • tag
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twisted  by sunshineyujin
twisted by art
❝it wasn't me!❞ izone interactive au [ izone mystery ff ; english ]
  • hitomi
  • chaewon
  • yujin
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girls-wolfhard imagines by -finnhearts
girls-wolfhard imaginesby kayla !
f.w, r.t, m.w etc. imagines and preferences!
  • wolfhard
  • finnwolfhard
  • finn
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e̸v̷é͜ry͟t̡h̴̷i͠n͝G̕ i̷s̀͢ ͜͏ok̵͜ay̴͡ ̸͏ by Horroryas
e̸v̷é͜ry͟t̡h̴̷i͠n͝G̕ i̷s̀͢ ͜͏ok̵͜ ¿͟r͝e̕il̛̕p͘͜i͜ksaM¿̨
(̮Re̫ad̎eͅrs͉ͯ ̹͛o̺͐f̉ ̙t͙h̻̔iͫṣ b̾o͒o̻͐kͩ s̻a͍ͧi̙̎d ̇t̖h͑at̫ țh̠̓i̐ͅs̳ ͩb͆o̦̓ok ̩͂iͤs̾ ͔̈́h͛o͎̊r̼r̟o̬ͤr.̦..͛. ̳w̓h̆at͛'̭s ̾yͤọ̊u͆r̄ ŏp̅i̹ñ͕ion̩͂?) ͫ ̭̚ Yo̐u̘͆ ͊l͚̓i...
  • markiplier
  • fanfiction
  • markfischbach
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Meadowclan's Fall by -SnowBubbles-
Meadowclan's Fallby U Army? Hell yes!
"Will this be Meadowclan's fall...or rise?" Thank you @Ashfeather- for the amazing book cover! ^^ A Warriors Command Based Game It has been many moons since a...
  • warriorcat
  • interactive
  • clan
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Subject Child (BBSx Reader GTAverse) by Scorched_shipper
Subject Child (BBSx Reader Scorched_Cryo
(Y/n) is a seventeen year old girl living on her own in Los Santos. She might seem normal, but at the age of thirteen, her abusive parents sold her to an illegal human e...
  • bbsxreader
  • action
  • interactive
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finn wolfhard imagines by printerized
finn wolfhard imaginesby claire
just some finn wolfhard headcanons and occasional imagines bc i'm bored requests are open nothing sexual bc he is only a bby boy
  • finnwolfhardheadcanons
  • finnwolfhard
  • headcanons
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Hybrid Teen (BBS x Freader) by Scorched_shipper
Hybrid Teen (BBS x Freader)by Scorched_Cryo
(Y/N) is an ordinary-ish girl, living in a world of discrimination. And she's one of the people being discriminated against. Why? Because she's a hybrid. But she has a s...
  • bullies
  • interactive
  • bbs
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