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What did this mean? Does he like me? Does he feel sorry for me?

I don't know, so all I do is process what he said over and over again with every bite I take.

I'm so hungry... I don't even feel bad for scarfing down my food. Blake seems just as hungry.

We both eat our food in silence with the occasional praise of how good the food is, and my thanking him for bringing me here.

Once the food is eaten, Blake pays for everything (despite my insisting on splitting the bill) and we go back to my place.

I change into my pajamas, just some sweatpants and a tank top.

Blake takes his shirt off and has on some comfy basketball shorts.


I stare at his gorgeous body. His defined back muscles, his six pack, his pecs, his v-line... All his other perfect muscles.

What the hell?! Does he body build in his free time??

A person this attractive isn't fair to everybody else.

Blake seems to catch me staring and he smiles.

"We aren't done with our dinner conversation, Love." He says taking a seat on my couch.

I raise a eyebrow and take the spot on the other end of the couch as I look over at him with a raised eyebrow. "We aren't?"

"I may be good at profiling, but I can't read everything about a person just by observing them, can I?" He asks.

I shrug and look down at my hands.

He smiles at me "Plus, the question game is never over."

I put a finger on my nose and he seems to get the reference because he sighs and stretches his arms out while groaning softly.

I'm not going to be able to focus on a word he says.

"Why and how did your last relationship end?" He asks raising an eyebrow.

Okay, straight to the deep questions then, huh?

I smile and laugh to myself... remembering Liam.

I shake my head and bite my lip before responding rather bluntly; "I found out he was secretly a complete and total asshole."

That was an understatement.

Blake frowns a bit, telling me to continue.

"He wasn't nice to others and that bothered me, but he was nice to me. Well, to my face." I say avoiding eye contact.

"He's the reason why I haven't been interested in dating. I trusted him, which is rare for me to trust people in the first place. Then he turned around and talked shit to his friends about me because I was moving 'too slow.'" I shake my head and let out an other small laugh.

"I broke up with him real quick after that, and to this day he remains a major asshole." I finish.

I look into my lap as I know full well I'm leaving out a lot of details. Mostly the ones that involve why I had to go to therapy.

You know... just the major ones. Ones like he's the reason I have confidence issues.

"So... he talked bad about you because he wasn't getting any?" Blake asks.

I simply nod in response.

"What a dick." Is all Blake says.

He thinks for a second before saying; "Last girl I dated I thought was it for me. Like... it it. She was really deceiving. She showed me what I wanted to see... Ever since then? I haven't been able to trust a girl with a real relationship. She cheated on me and never really loved me... all the while I was completely oblivious."

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