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~Almost Exactly two years later~

Present day:

"Seriously, I have no idea what the hell she was thinking." I throw my head back laughing as Cami tells the story of her sister.

"Let me get this straight... she thought she could fly?" Blake asks with an amused laugh.

"Apparently! I'm telling you Mary Poppins is a dangerous show. They should have a warning at the beginning of the movie advising kids not to try and fly with an umbrella." She says with a small chuckle.

"She sounds almost as fun as you." I comment.

Cami scoffs and shakes her head "Honey, nobody is as fun as me." She teases before sipping her coffee.

I nod "Very true."

I look over at Jason who is cooking for tonight and smile as he smiles at our conversation.

"Are you sure you can't stay and meet them?" Cami asks.

"You know I'd love to, but I think this is something you and Jason should do without me and my bodyguard." I say nudging Blake playfully.

He just scoffs and shoves me back as I giggle. He absolutely despises when I call him my bodyguard.

"But you're family." She whines with a pout on her face.

I smile "Teal is right. If Jason wants to make a good impression, it's probably best not to have an FBI agent analyzing their every move." Darek says from the living room.

I smirk in amusement as I look toward him.

"That would just be awkward for everyone involved." Blake adds.

"I still think-" "Babe. They're right. I'm already nervous enough as it is." Jason says shaking his head and wiping his hands on his jeans as he meets us all at the table and kisses Cami on her head.

"You shouldn't be nervous babe, you've FaceTimed with them a million times." She says looking up at him.

"Face to face is different." He says.

She groans and finally gives in "Fine. But you're meeting them sometime when they're in town!" She says pointing to me with a serious look on her face.

I laugh "Of course." I assure her.

"So, where are you guys headed?" Jason asks Blake, Darek and I.

"Oh, I'm just here for the free food. I'm heading home in about thirty minutes when there's food at my house." Darek says.

I just chuff as he says so. "How one man can eat so much food and stay so fit is beyond me."

"I've been trying to convince him to gain a few pounds so that sweet ass of his is more grab-able when we-"

"Blake! Stop sharing intimate details with our friends!" Darek interrupts him in a high pitch voice.

I just roll my eyes as they make very inappropriate sounds and gestures toward each other for the next couple of minutes.

"Why does this happen every time they're together?" Cami asks.

"The sexual tension is just too much for them to ignore." I tease as I look over to see Blake humping the air in the direction of the living room and Darek with his back facing us, moving his butt up and down on the small steps in the living room that lead to the kitchen.

I try my best not to laugh to feed into their comedy egos, but it's useless when they start adding sound effects.

Jason is cringing while Cami and I cling to each other laughing.

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