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"You fucking asshole! How dare you?!" Sam suddenly pounces out of her seat and is barely caught by Kade.

She managed to punch Liam square in the jaw, leaving him speechless and me shaking. Sam has never hurt a fly.

Sure, Liam has had this coming from me and all my friends for a while now, but for some reason her doing this made me realize this is real.

All those years of counseling and therapy are starting to fade as I find it hard to catch my breath all of the sudden.

But I can hardly focus on myself right now, because all I see is the sheer anger in Sam's eyes.

She is hands down one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and to see her do that, really tells you something about the kind of person Liam is.

This random act of violence doesn't seem like it, but is a huge deal. It's scary.

"Sam! Calm down!" Darek reaches for her hands as Kade grabs at her waist but she flails to try and get another punch in.

Liam is speechless. "You little bitch." He mutters after the initial shock.

"Do not call my girlfriend a bitch." Kade says standing up out of his chair as he pushes Liam back a few steps.

I feel my breath shortening once more as things start to get heated.

Blake puts a arm around me and pulls at me to get up, he ushers me behind him, and suddenly I feel so small... so weak and completely helpless in all definitions of the word.

I simply watch as my friends unravel their anger on the guy who caused us so much pain just a few years ago.

He's hurt all of us. He's hurt me, he's hurt my friends. He's even hurt my brother.

I take a step forward to try and calm things down, but Blake instantly shoots me a warning glance that stops me dead in my tracks.

How the hell is the teacher still sleeping through this?!

I feel my body fill with panic again and I'm hardly hanging onto what little sanity I have left.

"Oh, because I'm so scared of you, Kade." Liam says as he steps forward again.

Darek shakes his head and holds both Kade and Sam back as they both try to go for Liam.

"Stop! He's not worth it!" Darek says pulling at Kade and Sam.

"Oh! So now Darek is the all high and mighty one. You weren't so high and mighty when I-"

"You better not finish that goddamn sentence if you value your life." Darek growls in a tone that makes my blood go cold.

The whole class had their phones out as I watch in horror. They were feeding off of this like animals until Darek spoke. The whole room got silent.

I don't know what Liam was about to say, but it must've had something to do with what Darek refuses to tell us.

Blake shakes his head and goes up to Liam, with one motion he grabs his shirt in his fist and pulls his face toward his.

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