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       Nerves slowly take over my body as we walk into the building.

Jason is nervous too, I can tell. We have both been silent for a while now. I think we are both deep in thought.

This is a big deal, and I can't imagine having someone else take my place.

I swallow hard as Jason and I walk into the room where my hearing is held.

Instantly, we are met with machines.

Specifically; polygraphs.

"Lie detector tests?" I ask as I look at my boss, Agent Kearney.

"Is that a problem?" He asks.

"No." I respond even though I'm slightly more nervous now.

I know how to pass a lie detector test, but I'm banking on the fact that Jason doesn't.

Jason shoots me a look, and I shoot him one back. I know he's nervous, but I don't see panic, which is oddly reassuring to me.

We both sit down and listen to instructions as we get hooked up to separate machines and we both answer basic questions to get a baseline.

The second we are done, the serious stuff begins.

There's an instant change in atmosphere in the room and it's suddenly incredibly tense. It's strictly business now.

"Do you trust Agent Waters with your sister?" My boss asks Jason.

"Yes." Jason responds quickly and confidently.

"True." Aaron, the agent working the polygraph, says.

I close my eyes and take in a deep breath as I anticipate my question.

"Do you care for Teal?"



"Do you think your sister has ever been intimate with Agent Waters?"



"Have you ever had sexual intercourse with Miss Lake?"



"Do you think Agent Waters has crossed any lines between professional and personal?"

I'll admit, this question for Jason scares me. I don't know if he will pass.



I raise my eyebrow and see Jason smirk slightly.

"Is your relationship with Teal professional?"



"Do you think your sister loves Agent Waters?"


Jason takes a deep breath and smiles softly.

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