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Kade was shooting daggers at Blake all of lunch because Sam could not stop staring at him.

That seemed to be all the girls in the school today. They all gawked at Blake or took quick glances at him every two seconds.

"You seem to be quite the attraction today." I say giving him a nudge as I pick at my fries.

He leans over an whispers in my ear "Do you not notice all the guys looking at you the same way?"

I look around me and see the guys looking at the girls looking at Blake looking at me.

I shake my head "That's not what's happening here." I assure him with a giggle.

"You don't know you're beautiful, do you?" He ask, sincerely and not in a whisper.

I smirk "What? the boy from the UK is quoting One Direction now?"

He smiles and runs a hand through his hair.

"Unintentional." is all he says before stealing one of my fries.

"Hey! My food." I tease.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I do not share my food with even the closest of friends.

He smiles and dips his pinky in my ketchup. He holds it up in front of me, as if to mock me, he's about to lick it off when I grab his hand and quickly lick it off for him.

"My food." I repeat.

He looks at me wide eyed and just busts out laughing along with everybody else at my table.

At least we avoided the self confidence issue topic.

"You really are something aren't you, Teal Lake?" he says so only I can hear him.

I smile and take a bite out of my fry before replying "You have no idea."

"So Blake, how do you like America?" Sam asks.

Blake looks away from me and clears his throat "Oh, well it's uh... Some parts of it are really nice." he says.

I laugh at his honesty and his attempt to sound polite.

"It's honestly not that bad." Blake assures us.

"It's just so different if it's not where you were born and raised. If you guys went to the UK you'd say the same. You're just not used to it." He clarifies.

Sam nods "That's super understandable."

Kade shoots Sam a look and I give him a little kick under the table. He looks over at me and gives me a look to which I just give him right back.

Kade doesn't have to worry, Sam is deeply in love with him. It's kind of creepy for a high school couple to be so smitten.

I look at Jackie and Darek who are both texting away on their phones.

They've been in a month long battle to beat each other at the same stupid game. I swear that app is taking over their lives.

Darek suddenly looks up at us and a suspicious look appears across his face.

I realized we aren't really doing the couple-ey stuff while we are eating.

As if Blake read my mind (Or Darek's expression) he wraps his arm around my shoulders.

I give him my biggest most 'I adore you' smile I can.

I disgust myself.

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