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The first thing I realize when I take off the sweatshirt Blake had let me burrow, was that his gorgeous house is fairly cold.

I put the sweatshirt back on, causing Blake to smile.

"I'll start the fire in the fireplace, you can lay out all the groceries we got on the island in the kitchen?" He suggests.

I nod in agreement. "Sounds like a plan."

He shows me around the giant kitchen, which is visible from the living room. I love how open his house is.

It's quite big too. It's a house you'd raise a big family in.

He must get paid quite well.

"How long has Bella been here on her own? I mean... you've been with me for a few months now." I say raising a eyebrow.

"When I heard about the mission I drove her down to stay with Ryan, my best friend. But recently Ryan took up a job that requires him to work a lot, so he dropped her off here yesterday and let me know about it. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with her. I miss my baby." He says smiling over at his dog.

"She's welcome to stay with our dogs. The more the merrier." I tell him.

He smiles "That would be amazing. Thank you." He says. I just nod gently before looking down at the groceries.

"So, We are going to get cooking first. I have a recipe on the table over there, it's what we will be following. It's my mom's old pasta dish. I'll help you cook it, but you can set it up while I get some stuff situated if that's okay?" He asks.

I nod "of course! What should I do?" I ask him.

"Just grab a pan and fill it half way with water and boil the noodles until they're soft. We'll cook it together from there." He explains.

"So... boil noodles?" I ask with a giggle.

He chuckles and nods "Yes, that. I just like to make things sound more complicated." He teases.

"Adds to the mystery, right?" I tease back.

He laughs. "Exactly."

"Got it." I nod. "And do you want me to lay out the ingredients?" I ask.

"That would be awesome. I'm just gonna get some wood from the garage and start the fire." He tells me before leaving me in his huge kitchen.

I hear the garage door close behind him and I let out a breath of air I didn't realize I was holding.

Inside I'm somewhat freaking out. He really went to a good amount of effort to make this happen.

I grab the pans and fill them with water. I turn the burners on and place the pans on top to warm the water.

I feel naked... exposed without him beside me. It hasn't even been a minute.

I've been spending so much time with him lately, the only time he's not by my side is in the shower or while I'm taking a shit.

I feel so exposed... like a child in a store whose lost their mom or dad.

I hear him come back in, followed by the clanking of wood. A rush of security runs back through me.

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