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"This is the girl?" My mind wakes up to the voice, but low and behold;  my body still doesn't move.

I'm getting sick of this and it's only been a few days.

"Yes sir." Another voice I don't recognize responds.

"Wow, she's alive? She looks great. I was expecting something gruesome after seeing the crash site." The first voice says.

"What do you mean?" The second voice asks.

"Based off of the crash site, the passenger should have died for sure." There's a pause before the voice speaks again.

"The impact was at a direct angle with the tree. It should've caused a blow of opposing forces between the airbag and the seat. Her neck should've broken upon impact."

"Based on that explanation, it makes no sense as to why the trauma is on the side of her head." The second voice says.

I hear a third voice as I hear someone enter the room.

"Hello doctor, officer."

I realize the first voice is that of an officer, and the second, a doctor.

"The DNA from the blood at the crime scene came back. Based on the crime scene, we have come to the conclusion that the male driving the car held her back right before impact." The third voice says.

"He reached across to protect her, he took the blow with his arm, which is why we found his blood on the airbag."

"Him reaching across to hold her back repositioned her, causing her to hit her head on the side which resulted in the brain damage. If he wouldn't have reached out and taken the blow with his arm, she would be dead." The third voice concludes.

"You're from forensics, right?" The doctor asks.

"Yes, ma'am." I hear the third voice say.

"Well, that would explain his shattered arm. Both of their injuries match up with the situation." The doctor says.

"That's some insane reaction time on his part. You should see the street footage of the car. His car handling skills are out of control." The officer says.

"You would think he's a professional driver." The officer adds, his voice obviously portrays how impressed he is with Blake.

"I hear he's in the FBI." The doctor says.

"That would make sense." The forensics guy says.

"Even then, those are some incredible reaction skills. That car would've flipped and killed them both with any other driver. The accident was inevitable, anyways. There was no way he could've avoided it safely." The officer beams.

"On top of that, he saved her life directly after regaining control of the car with quick reflexes." The doctor says.

"You should see the footage, doctor. It's impressive." The forensic guy says.

"We are still trying to track down the damn car that swerved into the other lane. We think the driver was under the influence." The officer says.

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