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We both made our teams, but I don't actually start until after break. Blake starts today. Literally the day after second tryouts.

We didn't talk about the party or clear anything up after tryouts yesterday because we were both way too emotionally and physically drained.

I am currently in the stands, standing with all my best friends. Cheering on my fake boyfriend, and two of my best friends.

It's the last game until winter break (Which starts tomorrow) I'm shaking with nerves and excitement for Blake.

I know how big of a deal this is for him. Not only because of his love of football, but because the team we are playing has a winning streak of eleven years.

It's the first indoor game of the season and the place is packed with fans and parents.

This is the first year coach thinks we actually have a chance at beating West Lakeside High.

Coach Bennett is a very honest guy, and because of his bold prediction of a close game, almost the whole school is here to watch.

Not much has happened and it's the beginning of the second quarter. West Lakeside is starting to get pissed off though, because they've never had their offense shut down like they are right now.

Blake is hitting people pretty hard, along with Kade. Darek has thrown consistently throughout the whole game.

Kade and Blake swing from offense to defense Darek stays on offense as our Quarterback.

We are doing very well, and it's getting to West Lakeside.

My adrenaline is pumping when halftime rolls around and the score is still zeros. I've never seen a game be tied at zero during halftime.

Both defenses have done a great job at shutting down the offenses. It's like watching one team advance and then the other team fight back just as hard.

Jackie and Sam nudge me. "Your boyfriend looks hot in uniform." They tell me with a wink.

I giggle and shove them both playfully, although I'm aware of how incredible he looks.

He looks really good in uniform.

"Do you realize how many girls want to be you right now? Like seriously. Blake is hot, nice, BRITISH, talented, funny, athletic, and has a nice ass in that uniform. Girl, You. Need. To. Hit. That." Becca says from behind me.

"She doesn't even go here." Sam says in her 'mean girls' voice.

I laugh at their comments and go with them to use the bathroom before third quarter starts.

We get back to our seats, but we don't sit down for long. Darek throws a long bomb to Blake who is surrounded by two big guys.

But Darek's hard pass has no problem finding it's way into Blake's hands.

I get ready for the big guys to take Blake down, but he jukes out of the way and spins off their shoulders like it's nothing.

This is the first big play we've seen all game.

I stand up and scream at the top of my lungs when Blake reaches the fifty yard line, the path is clear for the rest of the way, but their fastest guy is on his tail, and he's gaining pretty damn fast.

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