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The stress of school, sports, arts... any of my hobbies were behind me as I enjoyed a stress free day with my best friends.

Sam and Kade eventually went off and did their own thing with the animals.

Becca and Kevin went to check out some of the artwork.

Jay and Jordan went to see what the vendors were selling.

Ginger and Levi went to get food while Joe, Jackie and Travis went to watch the hypnotist.

Meanwhile, Darek and I were glued to the rides.

Darek and I bond over sports a lot, but we have a deeper, unique friendship. One that not a lot of people understand.

I'm enjoying the fair, but I'm having weird flashbacks every so often of being at the fair with my parents and Jason.

I can't help it, but certain images trigger those moments from my past.

It's put me in a weird mood. I can't tell if I'm happy, or somewhat depressed.

Darek can sense it, and he interlocks his fingers with mine before we enter the maze.

He's been making me laugh all day, too. He can always tell when something is up.

"So, T, how are you doing?" I shrug at the question. "I'm good." I say, my steps matching his.

We are currently in the house of mirrors.

We are trying to get through the maze before we get to the actual house of mirrors.

He's holding my hand for guidance now.

Wow, now I really feel like a little kid.

"I know... but how about right now?" he specifies.

"Remembering my parents." I blurt out.

It was more forced than I intended it to be. Not a lot of emotion was put into it.

He stops in his tracks and looks back at me.

"I'm sorry..." he begins. I just nod, wanting to continue on.

"Wanna talk about it?" he offers.

I really don't want to talk about it, even though I know it will help me cope. Maybe get it off my mind so I can enjoy the rest of my time here.

He senses my hesitation and tightens his grip.

"You don't have to, you know. I understand."

I smile and take in a breath.

"I just remember them here. With me. And Jason. They would pull us out of school for the day so it wouldn't be busy. Just like what we did today. They'd go on all the rides with us. I remember one ride everybody was afraid to go on, but not me. I went on it alone and I felt so accomplished."

He smiles softly at me. We are just standing awkwardly in the middle of the mirror maze.

"I remember this too. My mom and dad were smiling down at Jason and I's curiosity of this place. I remember looking at all of us in the crazy mirrors. Laughing and having fun. I remember the animals and how bad I wanted a bunny...." I trail off.

"Dad said he was going to get one. I can't help but think about how they never really got the chance to... and now" I stop and Darek doesn't even give me a choice, he pulls me to him.

I snuggle against his chest, and his arms rub my back gently.

"Sometimes I think it would be better to just know what happened... so I can at least try to move on." I say gently.

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