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Once Blake is filled in on what's going on with Darek, how he will be staying with us, and why he was in the hospital, we all head back to my house.

He's staying calm, but I know the second we are out of Dareks presence, Blake will let me know how he's really feeling.

"You told him?!" He demands the second we get into the car.

Annnnd I was right.

"It's not Darek. You don't understand, I tell him everything. I thought he was dying, I couldn't keep it from him anymore." I defend.

"Teal! You're not getting it! Someone out there is trying to murder you! Everyone is a suspect! Especially the ones closest to you!" He says running a hand through his hair.

"Then how come you let Jason off the hook so easy?" I ask, keeping my calm.

"Because he's your brother and he has no motive for wanting you dead." He says.

"Darek is more than just family to me. He would never hurt me. He would never want someone to murder me!" I defend "He's been my best friend since birth!"

"Those are the ones you need to watch out for! God damn it! You weren't even going to run this by me?!" He asks

"No! It was a 'heat of the moment' kind of thing!" I shake my head.

He takes a deep breath and sits back in the drivers seat as he speeds down the side streets leading to my house.

"You need to slow down." I tell him as I realize his anger is through the roof.

"I just... I don't understand how you thought this was a good idea." He says eerily calm.

"Because you said so yourself. I have good intuition. Darek... he... he loves me. He's knows me better than anybody. Even you." I tell him gently.

Blake stays silent at my words.

"I know he's innocent like I knew to trust you. If you think about it, I could've suspected you as the person trying to kill me, using a FBI agent as a cover." I tell him.

He looks over at me and sighs "You have good intuition, but everyone is a suspect until I rule them out. I have protocol to follow. I like Darek, but if anything happens and my boss finds out I didn't clear him? I could get in serious trouble. Like federal jail trouble." He says.

I sigh as I realize he has a point. I didn't think of the rules he had to follow.

"I'm sorry." I tell him.

"It's fine. I'll just have to do a screening on him tonight." He tells me.

"He's not supposed to be in stressful situations." I tell Blake.

He looks at me and chuckles "It won't be stressful for him. I can assure you he won't even know it's happening." He says.

I just shake my head with an amused smile, although I'm still slightly heated. I break the silence that fills the car once it becomes apparent.

"I read your profile. Darek doesn't match it. His parents are basically multi millionaires, they inherited a lot of money, they don't need the money, he has no motive outside of money, and he's too busy with his home life to really focus on anything else. Plus, him living next door basically gives me 24/7 Information on his whereabouts. He has nothing to do with the psychopath after me." I tell Blake.

Blake stays silent for a bit and then speaks. "I doubt he'll have any issue passing the screening. He knows not to tell anybody, right?" He asks.

I nod, cooling down a bit myself. "He knows."

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