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It got rather cold before we left for the game, so I grabbed a hoodie and threw it on over one of my long sleeve shirts.

Blake simply threw on a jacket and a baseball hat, then he was good.

Some guys can't pull off hats, but he looks really good in a hat. I mean really good.

"So... Where are we going, love?" He asks.

"Oh! take a right on third, and keep going until you see the dirt parking lot... That's the 'parking lot' of the football field. I would complain, but you can park wherever, so it makes up for it being a bunch of dirt." I tell him.

"Even if it screws up your tires and underside of your car." I add, speaking from experience.

He nods with a chuckle and finds his way rather quickly.

I'm impressed. Usually it's hidden and hard to find. Not a lot of people see the dirt road on a first passing.

I guess detectives and agents require that skill, though. To notice things people don't typically notice.

I begin to wonder what went into the whole assignment of me having a bodyguard.

Did they choose someone willy nilly? How did it work out the way it did?

These questions have been bothering me, but those credentials were not fake. Blake is genuine... as far as I know.

He pulls up really close to the entrance. We got a good spot. He opens the door for me and even grabs a big blanket from the back.

"Well I'm guessing you're educated in high school football games?" I ask as he wraps the blanket around the both of us.

"Well love, I actually play American football." He says handing our student I.D's to the guy at the gate.

"Oh really? So when you said football, that wasn't soccer?" I question.

"I'm going to be using terms you Americans understand." he says with a smirk.

"Well then... I'm going to use American terms like Lit, Yolo and Turnt." I tease.

"Please don't." he asks genuinely concerned, making me laugh at loud.

"Why, do they bother you?" I prod.

"Yes. Yes they do." he says with a smile.

"Oh really? OMG that's Toats Adorbs." I tease.

"I will give your information to Anthony myself if you keep talking like that." He threatens jokingly.

I open my mouth wide in shock at the dark joke, but I can't help but crack up.

I don't remember when someone made me laugh this hard before. I even feel myself blush at my obnoxious laughter.

Blake just smiles and chuckles with me.

"If you did, you'd get a million dollars you wouldn't be working for the FBI, you'd be living it up in a mansion with girls in bikinis fanning you with giant leaves." I tease.

This time, he's the one who laughs hysterically. His laugh is so cute, his dimples show and he even cries when he laughs.

This makes me laugh.

"Is that what comes to your mind when you think of wealth?" He asks with a chuckle.

"To a tee." I reply.

He laughs and we end up join my friends in a laughing fit, causing them to shoot us suggestive looks.

I just smile and give them a look as well.

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