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        "Are you sure you're okay alone with Wanda?" Jason asks.

"You did just meet her." Cami adds.

"She's an FBI agent. Of course I'm going to be fine with her. Plus, she's awesome." I assure them.

"Go have fun at your cousins cabin! I already feel bad for taking you away from properly meeting the family." I say sincerely.

"Don't even start with that! You're health is much more important than introductions by far." Cami says.

I smile and give her a hug while I look at Jason and mouth 'Marry her' to him.

He shakes his head with a smile and sighs "Fine. Blake should be back here before we get back... text us when he gets here, okay?" He asks.

I nod "Of course. Now, go have fun! Be careful, too! It's already dark out."

They both give me one more look that basically screams 'are you sure you're okay with this?'

I just roll my eyes and hug them both before basically pushing them out of the house.

The second they're gone, Wanda comes out from the shower.

"They leave?" She asks nodding toward the front door.

"Just left." I tell her with a yawn.

She smiles "Well I'm glad I got to meet them. You have a great family, Teal." She says.

I smile and nod as I look down at the ground.

"Hey, Wanda?"

"Yes, dear?" She asks as she towel-dries her hair.

"Do you know anything about my parents? Why they disappeared?" I ask. "Or any other clues from those pictures?"

Wanda stops towel drying and she sighs.

"We have... odd evidence." She says.

"You do?" This peaks my interest, Blake hasn't really mentioned much on the pictures. I think he doesn't want to scare me.

She nods. "We searched the pictures Blake gave us for prints. We got none, but there was hair in the box. It belongs to your father." She says.

"My dad?" I ask

She nods.

"We didn't want to tell you to alarm you, but ever since we obtained the box of photos, the department has received similar photos being sent to our address." She says.

"His DNA was also recently found on one of the more recent photos." She says.

"So... he's alive?" Is all I get from her saying that.

I'm not creeped out about the pictures anymore, I'm just curious as to why they're being taken.

And by who? Anthony? And if that's the case, does he have my parents? Why?

"It seems so. The pictures are authentic. As far as we know, your parents are fine." She says.

I swallow hard as I feel the tears prick at my eyes.

"Also, I'm not sure we told you a few years back, but on the outside of the box, we found DNA evidence of a unidentified female. It didn't match your family's DNA and there was no DNA related to Anthony, either." She says.

"So, it has nothing to do with Anthony? It's just really weird timing and it could've just been from whoever kidnapped my parents?"

Wanda nods. "We've looked into hundreds of females associated with your parents, but none had even a hint of motive. As a matter of fact, your parents may just be the only people I've investigated without any enemies whatsoever." She says.

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