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I just stare at the completed picture and somewhat wish that I hadn't completed it.

Blake is staring at me and I know exactly why. But he can't be mad at me, can he? He's not really my boyfriend. We haven't even kissed.

I take in a deep breath and focus on my parents. They're alive? After all this time?

"They're alive?" Jason chokes out.

I run over to him and hold onto him as we look at the picture of our parents in shock.

"What does this mean? How long has this been going on for? Is this related to Anthony at all?" I ask Blake desperately.

He shakes his head "These pictures date back to when you were in middle school. If it is Anthony... He's been planning this a lot longer than we thought." He says.

"I'm going to find that son of a bitch! We can't just sit here now that we know they're alive! Let him come to me!" I feel the rage boil up inside me.

My blood is boiling and I am ready to fight.

"No- that's the last thing we want. Now listen to me and listen closely, you two." He says to Jason and I.

"As much as it would kill me to do nothing when I found out my parents were alive and being held captive... That's what we have to do here." He tells us.

"What the hell do you mean we have to sit back and do nothing?!" Jason demands.

"If we go looking for them, we are just putting Teal in danger. He's stronger than you think, and we already suspect that he has others working for him. They could be anywhere and anybody. If any of you go looking for them, it will be a suicide mission." He says sternly.

It takes everything inside of me not to say 'fuck it, let's do it anyways' but I know Mom and Dad wouldn't want that.

"If whoever took them kept them alive this long... Then what's their endgame? What are they doing?" I ask.

Blake sighs "That's what I'm worried about. I think it's always had something to do with you, Teal. I don't know what, but if he's kept them alive for this long, he's not going to kill them."  He tells me.

"Now it is more important than ever that we let our best FBI agents search for Anthony and your parents. I'll make a call right now and they will do everything they can to try and find them, okay? That way, we will all be safe." Blake's voice is stern, I don't dare argue because I know he means business this time.

He's never sounded so serious before. He walks into the other room to call his unit.

I look over at Jason who takes in a deep breath. He holds me tightly in his arms.

"Jason, how can we just sit back and do nothing while we know someone is keeping our parents hostage?" I ask.

"I know it's horrible, T... But it's safer if we just keep living like nothing happened. At least now we know they're alive, and we can now have hope that Blake's friends will find them. But we can't do anything Teal. It's too dangerous. Promise me you'll listen to Blake." Jason asks, tears running down his cheeks.

I take in a shaky breath. I didn't even realize I was crying my eyes out until now. I guess I'm kinda in shock.

After all these years, my parents are alive?

What does this psycho want with me? Why me? What's so special about me?

Jason and I are literally just holding each other and trying to wrap our brain around all of this for a solid half hour until Blake comes back in.

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