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We sit in my room on opposite ends of the bed. Blake tells me about his day with Jason and I just smile in amusement.

My fake boyfriend and my brother seem to hit it off more than Chris and Britt did on the first few episodes of the bachelor.

Old reference? Too mainstream? I'll go home now....

"So... how'd I do in the interview?" He asks finally.

I feel my stomach flutter and my checks turn red.   

I dare to meet his eyes and I just smile. "How did you do it? How did you pass her test? And with such flying colors?" I ask.

He yawns and slowly sinks down in my bed. He puts his arm up to lift the blanket and pats the spot next to him, gesturing for me to join.

I just shake my head and turn off the lights before I get under the blankets and cuddle up next to him.

"You just think you can sleep here now?" I tease.

He chuckles and wraps his arm around my shoulder, drawing me closer to him.

I rest my head and hand gently on his chest. His scent familiar and warm. "It's much more comfortable than the couch."

"Touché" I agree. "But seriously. Jackie is a pro... How did you pull it off?" I ask.

"Well, love. That's for me to know, and for you to never find out." He whispers gently.

I roll my eyes and ball my hand into a fist against his shirt and I tug. "Tell meeeeee." I complain like a child.

He chuckles and kisses the top of my head. An unfamiliar gesture that I could get used to.

"Simple. I just told the truth." He whispers.

I feel my chest fill with a unfamiliar feeling. My spine tingles and my head whirls. What?

"The truth?" I ask. He chuckles, his voice raspy with exhaustion. "I'll tell you when I feel like it." He says.

"When you feel like it?" I repeat.

He smiles and kisses the top of my head again. "Goodnight, love." He whispers. "But-" I begin before I'm quickly cut off; "Goodnight." He repeats.

I close my eyes at that and I'm just as confused as ever. Someone needs to paint a sign just telling me what all this means.

I'm too tired to think straight anymore. I close my eyes and try my best to relax. I try even harder not to think about the amazing man who is sleeping right beside me.

And I try my hardest to not think about what it's going to be like without him.


I've been trying to figure out what he's feeling for two weeks now. That night is still clear in my head.

Around the school we are the power couple. The tumblr couple. The couple that everyone is jealous of.

But behind the scenes we aren't even a real couple.

I try and make sense of everything and anything in my mind, and even if things clear up, I still can't figure out how it will end up.

Within the two weeks, we've been getting even closer, my feelings even stronger, his relationship with my brother and friends even get stronger. He was added to our group chat a week ago which really makes things official.

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