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A week after all of the emotional turmoil I had to endure, my feelings for Blake were getting stronger by the day.

I'm failing miserably at my attempt to put up walls. He's just too good at breaking them down.

We are all gathered around a Bon fire at Darek's house. Darek and Blake are talking about some sports stuff and I just watch them babble.

All of my friends love Blake to death already. It's actually pretty scary how much they adore him.

"Watch out T. Looks like you have competition." Jackie says pointing to Blake and Darek.

I smile and roll my eyes "Oh, you don't even want to know what I have witnessed those two doing." I tell her with a giggle "I'm surprised they haven't kissed." I joke.

I'm also surprised Blake hasn't given him the cold shoulder after seeing that picture.

She giggles and I just smile at Jackie. "What's this I hear about you and Bryce?" I prod with a wiggle of my eyebrow and a suggestive nudge of the elbow.

Her cheeks turn pink and she looks down at her hands.

"I was going to tell you!" She starts off by saying.

"I'm not mad! Unless something happened not-so-recently that you didn't tell me." I joke.

She shakes her head. "Trust me, you would've known the second anything happened. Basically we have just been talking, getting to know each other and... I really like him."

We totally have that girly 'eek!' moment. Where we both squeal indecipherable words in high pitched voices to one another.

"I love it!" I approve. She smiles and lays her head against my shoulder lovingly.

"Enough about me! What about you and that hunk of handsome over there?" She asks with a suggestive smile.

I nudge her and shake my head "It's nothing like that." I assure her. "I mean, I'm not even sure if he's straight." I joke gesturing toward him and Darek.

"Why not? If I were you, I would lose my V-card to that boy any day." Jay chimes in, causing Jackie and I to both bust out in laughter.

Blake looks over at me from the middle of his conversation with Darek and smiles at me. Darek follows his gaze then looks away.

It makes me feel like I've been punched in the gut. I don't understand the sudden change in his behavior.

He told me to go for him... so why is he being so distant?

I smile at Blake back and Becca nudges me with a smile. "He is so into you, it's just adorable." I look over at her and give her a appreciative but weak smile.

I can't focus on anything unless I know my best friend is on good terms with me.

"I wish someone would look at me like he looks at you, T." Ginger says with her chin rested on her fist in a dreamy state.

"Like, how does he look at me?" I ask in my 'annoying mean girl' voice.

Joe chimes in to our girl talk. (Which he does often)

"Like, he's madly in love. It's kinda disgusting how into you he is. Like, that boy looks at you like you're the only woman alive." Joe says looking at Blake.

"If he was gay..." Is all he says, making the girls all laugh hysterically.

"What?! A man can dream." He defends himself.

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