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We walk into school the next day and I instantly want to straighten things out with Darek and figure out what happened between his parents.

But it's hard to get any alone time with any of my friends, because anybody is a suspect to Blake.

I have no privacy anymore unless I ask for it.

But at school? No privacy even if I ask for it.

Blake laces his fingers between mine and I smile up at him. Though today something just feels wrong.

Something is off, and I just have a bad feeling.

I decide against telling Blake about my gut feeling, even though I know that's probably incredibly stupid.

I feel someone's shoulder hit mine causing me to stumble slightly, only to get caught by Blake.

Blake and I turn to see who so carelessly ran into me.

"Oh I'm sorry." I turn to see Liam and my stomach ache seems to worsen.

He smirks "Oh wait... no I'm not." He says before walking on.

"You know what?" I yank at Blake's arm as he lunges towards Liam once Liam has turned his back.

"He's not worth filing an incident report." I tell him.

Blake looks at me and then at Liam "Yes he is." He says as he stays where he is, contemplating his next move.

"They put anyone who gets into incidents into the system. If they look deeper into your alias, your cover could be blown." I whisper to him.

He sighs and starts to slowly start moving again. "You're right. But the sight of that asshole makes me want to kill him now." He says.

I just giggle and roll my eyes. I take in a shaky breath and continue forward alongside Blake.

"Somethings wrong." Blake says looking over at me.

"What?" I raise my eyebrow in confusion as my heart rate begins to speed up.

"No. Not like that. Like somethings wrong with you..." He chuckles before holding up our interlocked hands with a smile "You tensed up, love." He explains.

I loosen my grip and force my body to relax a bit with a deep breath.

"I'm sorry." I begin "I just... seeing him here still gets me." I tell him. It's not a lie, but it's also not the full truth.

He squeezes my hand and shakes his head "Never be sorry for how you feel, love. Just let me know and I'll do what I can to make you at ease." He says gently.

I smile up at him and continue to walk with him down the hall.

I don't know if my bad feeling in my gut has something to do with Liam, or if it has to do with the fact Blake is leaving me eventually, or if it's the fact that my best friend and I aren't on the best terms.

All I know is for some reason, even if I'm not outwardly freaking out, I'm definitely freaking out.

I feel every symptom of a small anxiety attack.

I've dealt with panic attacks, insomnia and depression for a while after my parents disappearance. I got over it, but I'll never forget how it felt.

It felt like I was dying whenever I got an attack. I would panic even more because of the symptoms, and sometimes I'd even black out.

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